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Rupes Skorpio RH 356A 6 Inch Pneumatic Random Orbital Palm Sander New & Improved!

Italian made pneumatic air sander leaves a perfect finish!

New & Improved Features:

  • Quieter than it’s predecessor, but with tremendous power and low vibration.
  • New heavy-duty, high-performance motor for the best weight ratio and low air consumption.
  • Features a Multihole Slim Backing Plate for impressive airflow that prevents pad overheating.
  • An overall improvement – at the same price!

The Rupes Skorpio RH 356A is a 6 inch pneumatic random orbital palm sander that is designed to provide the utmost in surface smoothness during refinishing projects or surface preparation.  The user-friendly, ergonomic Italian design enables you to be comfortable during extended sanding sessions.  Use the Rupes Skorpio RH 356A6 Inch Pneumatic Random Orbital Palm Sander with either Meguiars or 3M 6 inch sanding and finishing discs.

The Rupes Skorpio RH 356A features a 6 millimeter orbit.  Compared to the 5 millimeter orbit of a conventional 6 inch pneumatic palm sander, the 6 millimeter orbit of the Rupes Skorpio RH 356A provides 20% greater efficiency.  The larger orbit of the Rupes Skorpio RH 356A does not diminish finish quality.

Uniform material removal: that’s a term you should become familiar with before choosing a sander for your refinishing or surface preparation projects.  Not all sanders are created equal and the saying “you get what you pay for” applies to the Rupes Skorpio RH 356A 6 Inch Pneumatic Random Orbital Palm Sander.  From the patented switch lever to the mult-stage noise suppressor, the Rupes Skorpio 356A’s state-of-the-art design and rugged construction is built to outperform conventional pneumatic palm sanders.  What’s more, the Rupes Skorpio RH 356A weighs less than two pounds!

The Rupes Skorpio RH 356A 6 Inch Pneumatic Random Orbital Palm Sander was designed with the perfectionist in mind.  The sander features double bearing dust protection that acts to increase the stability of the RH 356A during operation to ensure the best protection in long term or even heavy duty applications.  Thanks to the rubber shroud of the anti-spinning system, you don’t have to worry about free rotation of the pad, avoiding any possible risk of damage when touching the working surface.  The shroud also ensures more efficient dust extraction.

Made in Italy. 1 year warranty.

*Additional discounts are not applicable on this item.

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Griots Garage Fabric Protectant

The perfect complement to Convertible Top Cleaner!

Have FUN in your convertible with Griot’s Garage Fabric Protectant! This versatile non-silicone fluoropolymer protectant helps keep cloth, upholstery, convertible tops and outdoor furniture protected from airborne pollutants and accidental spills. Regular application on convertible tops and outdoor furniture will prevent UV-induced fading and water damage. When used on cloth and upholstery, water will bead up and roll off! The same goes for accidental spills like soda and coffee. Keep your fabric protected with Griot’s Garage Fabric Protectant!

You’re guilty as charged for ignoring the fabric and upholstery in your daily driver. Sure, you can it every now and then, but what do you use to protect it? NOTHING! That’s okay, because you can make the change and start protecting fabric and upholstery with Griot’s Garage Fabric Protectant. You’ll be glad you did!

Daily drivers are used and abused. Coffee spills? Check. Greasy French fries? Check. While we don’t expect you to stop eating and drinking in your car, we do think you should start caring about the fabric and upholstery. The first step is cleaning it with Griot’s Garage Interior Cleaner, and then protecting it with Griot’s Garage Fabric Protectant. Like we said, you’ll be glad to did!

Griot’s Garage Fabric Protectant causes water to bead up and roll off treated surfaces. Convertible tops, cloth, upholstery, and outdoor furniture will all benefit from Griot’s Garage Fabric Protectant. Do you know what’s more expensive than this incredibly easy to use product? A new convertible top!

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Griots Garage Iron & Fallout Remover

Create a clean slate for polishing and waxing!

Iron contaminants and industrial fallout is an issue that plagues every vehicle on the road today. New cars, old cars, polished cars, and even show cars have iron contamination. Griot’s Garage Iron & Fallout Remover is the safest bet for quickly removing iron and fallout contamination without causing harm your pride-and-joy. The viscous gel formula clings to vertical panels for maximum dwell time, increasing effectiveness while decreasing effort. Your paint will appear clean and bright after using Iron & Fallout Remover.

Griot’s Garage wants YOU to have fun in your garage, plain and simple. If you’re polishing and waxing over pesky iron contamination (read: little orange specks), you’re actually doing more harm than good! These iron particles are sharp with jagged edges. If they become dislodged as you polish and wax your car, they will wreak havoc by installing swirl marks and scratches. Iron & Fallout Remover cleanses your vehicle of embedded contaminants to prevent this from happening!

Griot’s Garage Iron & Fallout Remover promises best in class performance. This is due largely in part to the viscous gel formula that clings to vertical panels, increasing dwell time so the active ingredients have a better chance of completely dissolving iron particles. What’s that smell, you ask? Citrus! Griot’s Garage Iron & Fallout Cleaner has a citrus fragrance that helps mask the pungent odor of the active ingredients.

How many car care products actually show you that they’re working? Griot’s Garage Iron & Fallout Remover turns from clear to red as it breaks up and dissolves corrosive iron particles. Friends, family, and neighbors will be amazed as your paint bleeds these red particles!

Griot’s Garage Iron & Fallout Cleaner can be used by anyone. Simply spray it onto your vehicle after you’ve washed and dried it. Then, agitate with a gentle brush, rinse and you’re finished! Dry the vehicle and then proceed to polishing and waxing.

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