Griots Garage Iron & Fallout Remover

Create a clean slate for polishing and waxing!

Iron contaminants and industrial fallout is an issue that plagues every vehicle on the road today. New cars, old cars, polished cars, and even show cars have iron contamination. Griot’s Garage Iron & Fallout Remover is the safest bet for quickly removing iron and fallout contamination without causing harm your pride-and-joy. The viscous gel formula clings to vertical panels for maximum dwell time, increasing effectiveness while decreasing effort. Your paint will appear clean and bright after using Iron & Fallout Remover.

Griot’s Garage wants YOU to have fun in your garage, plain and simple. If you’re polishing and waxing over pesky iron contamination (read: little orange specks), you’re actually doing more harm than good! These iron particles are sharp with jagged edges. If they become dislodged as you polish and wax your car, they will wreak havoc by installing swirl marks and scratches. Iron & Fallout Remover cleanses your vehicle of embedded contaminants to prevent this from happening!

Griot’s Garage Iron & Fallout Remover promises best in class performance. This is due largely in part to the viscous gel formula that clings to vertical panels, increasing dwell time so the active ingredients have a better chance of completely dissolving iron particles. What’s that smell, you ask? Citrus! Griot’s Garage Iron & Fallout Cleaner has a citrus fragrance that helps mask the pungent odor of the active ingredients.

How many car care products actually show you that they’re working? Griot’s Garage Iron & Fallout Remover turns from clear to red as it breaks up and dissolves corrosive iron particles. Friends, family, and neighbors will be amazed as your paint bleeds these red particles!

Griot’s Garage Iron & Fallout Cleaner can be used by anyone. Simply spray it onto your vehicle after you’ve washed and dried it. Then, agitate with a gentle brush, rinse and you’re finished! Dry the vehicle and then proceed to polishing and waxing.

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