Pinnacle Black Label Polish 8 oz.

The only way to achieve paint perfection!

Pinnacle Black Label Polish will allow you to achieve an absolutely smooth and even paint surface, maximizing gloss! The advanced formulation of Pinnacle Black Label Polish uses fine abrasives of the highest quality to ensure that even the finest swirls and scratches are properly corrected without leaving any imperfections behind. Pinnacle Black Label Polish will be able to perfect any kind of paint, even the difficult to correct paint often found on German vehicles. You’ll find that even if you’re working on black paint, you won’t find a single imperfection after using Pinnacle Black Label Polish!

It is an unfortunate truth that no matter how hard you try to protect and care for your paint, there will always be minute scratches and swirls that pop up from time to time. In fact, often the process of caring for your car is the main contributor to these tiny scratches and swirls! There are so many different causes of paint imperfections that it is impossible to prevent them entirely. The best you can do is make sure to use a high-quality fine abrasive polish like Pinnacle Black Label Polish to bring your paint back to perfection once more!

Pinnacle Black Label Polish uses the highest-quality abrasive technology that can be manufactured.These extremely fine abrasives are designed to withstand an enormous amount of heat and friction without failing. This property ensures that even when you are working the product for a long amount of time or are working on especially hard paint, the abrasives in Pinnacle Black Label Polish will continue to perfect just as long as you need them to in order to achieve the results you need!

We all know just how hard it is to work on black paint. The issue with black paint in particular in that because of how light is reflected of darker paint and how that reflections contrasts against the dark pigmentation of the paint, each and every little imperfection can be seen with absolute clarity. Even by the naked eye! When working on black paint, you need to make sure that you perfect the surface to the highest level of smoothness to make sure your paint looks perfect.

Pinnacle Black Label Polish has the advanced formula, expert-level abrasive technology, and extremely fine grade polishing abilities to allow you to achieve a perfect finish on even black paint!

Directions for Use:
Black Label Polish can be used by hand or by machine, but for best results, use with a machine polisher. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Be sure the surface is fully washed and dried before polishing.

For use by hand: Apply three nickel-sized drops of product to a foam hand polishing pad and work in a back and forth, overlapping motion until product starts to dry. Wipe polish away using a clean, dry microfiber towel. Continue around vehicle.

For use by machine: Apply three nickel-sized drops of product to a foam polishing pad and using medium pressure on one panel at a time, work the product into the surface using a back and forth, overlapping motion. When product begins to dry, check your work and repeat if necessary. Continue until a high gloss is achieved.

8 oz.


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