Optimum Hyper Polishing System

Optimum Hyper Polishing SystemNew at Autogeek, Optimum 8 inch 100% Twisted Wool and 8 inch Foam Finishing Pads, Double-Sided Rotary Adapter, and Opti-Flex 7 inch Backing Plate round out a complete polishing system with Optimum Hyper Compound Spray and Optimum Hyper Polish Spray.

To get the best performance out of the revolutionary new Optimum Hyper sprays, Optimum? has released 100% Twisted Wool 8 Inch Pads and Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pads. They’re both available in single or double-sided pads. The necessary Double-Sided Rotary Adapter and Opti-Flex 7 Inch Rotary Backing Plate are also available.

The system is designed for rotary polisher use. Armed with the Optimum Polishing System, you can eliminate all types of imperfections on your vehicle and create an incredible shine. These are professional grade formulas applied with professional grade tools. The polishes were designed specifically for OEM application, so you know they can tackle any paint flaw.

First use Optimum Hyper Compound Spray with a Optimum 100% Twisted Wool Pad. Choose the single or double-sided pad, depending on your preference. This step will remove deep scratches and heavy swirls, but it leaves very little haze. Optimum Hyper Compound Spray finishes more like a polish than a compound, which means you can achieve the results you want in less time.

Next, use Optimum Hyper Polish Spray with an Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pad. Keep in mind that Hyper Polish Spray isn’t necessarily a finishing polish. It can remove heavier imperfections if used with a polishing foam pad. But, assuming you’ve just used Optimum Hyper Compound Spray, Optimum Hyper Polish Spray works very well as a finishing polish to restore a deep gloss to the paint.

With the introduction of the 100% Twisted Wool Pads and Foam Finishing Pads, Optimum has created a complete polishing system. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose single or double-sided pads. View the video below to see the Optimum Hyper Polishing System in action. Find all the products mentioned here at Autogeek.net.

New Optimum Hyper Compound Spray

Recently Optimum CEO David Ghodoussi unveiled the incredible Optimum Hyper Polish Spray. Now he’s released its companion product Optimum Hyper Compound Spray! This is the first commercially available spray compound. It’s designed to quickly remove sanding scratches, orange peel, swirls, and other moderate to heavy paint imperfections quickly and cleanly. Optimum’s blend of proprietary polymers and abrasives allows for rapid removal of sanding marks and deep paint imperfections and defects, like swirls and scratches, all while creating the look of a polish. Optimum Hyper Compound Spray leaves a surprisingly smooth finish with only very light haze – rare for a compound! A quick follow-up with Optimum Hyper Polish Spray will remove any compounding swirls and restore a deep, vibrant gloss.

Optimum Hyper Compound Spray has a very long buffing cycle and produces zero dust! It can be used in a body shop setting or in your own garage. Use a foam or wool pad with a rotary or dual action polisher.

David Ghodoussi stopped by to film another segment of Autogeek’s Show Car Garage New Product Showcase.

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New Optimum Hyper Polish Spray – Autogeek Exclusive!

For the first time, you can get professional quality performance from a spray car polish! It’s no joke. It’s Optimum Hyper Polish. This revolutionary spray-on polish removes swirls, water spots, scratches, and oxidation with no dust, no mess, and no haze. Optimum Hyper Polish is made to be used with a buffer. Just spray the pad and start polishing! The spray application ensures even coverage on the pad so you’re not creating haze with dry portions of the pad. Use the entire pad for more efficient polishing and more uniform results.

Optimum Hyper Polish Spray was developed for a major car manufacturer looking for a fast-acting finishing polish for their manufacturing plant. After wet sanding, they wanted a polish that would fully remove the sanding marks, and they wanted to eliminate the hazing that resulted from dry areas of the pad. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray fulfilled both requirements.

Optimum Hyper Polish Spray was designed as a finishing polish but it acts more aggressively when used with a more aggressive pad. You could even use a wool pad. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray has the cutting power anywhere between a finishing polish and a light compound, depending on the pad selected. Optimum Hyper Polish Spray is the polish you need, no matter what kind of polish you need!

Optimum Hyper Polish Spray contains a combination of super micro abrasives (which cut through the entire buffing cycle) and diminishing abrasives (which break down under pressure over time). This combined technology allows Optimum Hyper Polish Spray to cut as long as necessary to remove blemishes while still finishing smooth and glossy. Amazing!

Dr. David Ghodoussi, president and CEO of Optimum Polymer Technologies, stopped by the Autogeek Show Car Garage to introduce his amazing new product and film this video with Mike Phillips.

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Coming to Detail Fest: Optimum Polymer Technologies

Optimum Polymer TechnologiesOptimum car care products are a group of environmentally safe, paint safe, technologically advanced products that will give your vehicle optimum shine and protection.

Optimum Polymer Technologies was founded by an organic chemist whose specialty is polymers and automotive paint formulations. Dr. David Ghodoussi worked backwards from his knowledge of paint?s composition to formulate cleaners and protectants best suited for today?s finishes. Years of research and testing led to a line of products that deliver superior results without compromising sensitive clear coat finishes or the environment.

Optimum employs the latest polymer technology to put their products at the front of the pack in terms of durability, surface enhancement, and protection. Optimum Car Wax produces a warm carnauba shine with added sealant ingredients to extend the life of the wax. In a convenient spray formula, it goes on effortlessly and requires no buffing to create a lasting layer of protection.

Optimum Car Wash works hand in hand with any quality wax by cleaning the paint without removing the protective coat of wax or sealant. You wax less often yet retain a high level of paint protection.

Optimum polishes restore a brilliant shine and flawless finish. Optimum compounds produce minimal, if any, marring so you achieve your desired results in fewer steps.

Optimum also pioneered the multi-purpose No Rinse Wash & Shine, a car wash that requires no rinsing and minimal water usage.

With all these benefits, Optimum products are so easy to use. Professionals and weekend detailers alike will love the convenience and results of these advanced car care products.

These are just a few of Optimum‘s products. Go to Autogeek.net to see the full line.

Come to Autogeek’s 5th Annual Detail Fest to meet Optimum creator Dr. David Ghodoussi and to see Optimum products in action.