Coming to Detail Fest: Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company

The Metro Vacuum Cleaner Company is one of our longest-standing and most popular brands. With Vice President of Marketing David Stern’s visit to Detail Fest coming up, we wanted to share the company’s story:

In 1939, Hyman Gulker pawned his pocket watch and gave $50 to his son-in-law, Israel, and daughter, Pearl Stern. That year Metro Vac, a small retail store in the Bronx, opened its doors. The first years were spent rebuilding and selling vacuums.

In 1951, Jules Stern, the son of Israel and Pearl Stern, joined the company. Between 1957 and 1970, Metro introduced three industry firsts: in 1957, the 110-volt hand vac; in 1964m the first 12-volt auto hand vacuum that plugged into the cigarette lighter; and in 1970, the Metro Duo-Volt, the world’s first and still the only dual voltage hand held vacuum cleaner. Amid all this innovation and growth, Metro moved into a 32,000 sq. ft. facility in Suffern, NY.

In 1974, Kenneth Stern, the eldest son of Jules, joined Metro. Then David Stern, the youngest son of Jules, joined the family business in 1984. Since then, under the keen eyes of Jules, President, Kenneth, Vice-President of National Sales and David, Vice-President of Marketing, many new and different markets have been opened for Metro products. Over the last 70 years, the Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company, Inc. has evolved into a multidivisional corporation, producing vacuums and inflators for auto and motorcycle care, sporting goods and camping gear, computer maintenance, and pet grooming.

In 2002, the Air Force Blaster Motorcycle Dryer revolutionized the motorcycle maintenance by trimming 80% off the drying time. For the automotive field, Metro’s Vac N Blo series offers enthusiasts a high-powered vacuum, an exterior dryer, and an inflator all in one machine. Metro’s Stainless Steel series brings Metro performance into the home in sleek, stylish vacuum cleaners. Never straying too far from what made them successful, Metro still produces the 110 volt hand vac and 12 volt hand vac.

Metro Vac is the industry standard for auto vacuums! The variety, the versatility, and the performance offered by Metro vacuums and dryers will turn your garage into a state-of-the-art detail shop.

David Stern of Metro Vac will be at Autogeek’s 5th Annual Detail Fest on March 27-28!

Comparison: Metro Vac N Blo Vacuums

We recently added a couple of Vac N Blo vacuums to our lineup of Metropolitan vacuum cleaners. We now have a total of four: the Metro Vac N Blo Portable Vacuum, the Metro Vac N Blo Sr., the  Metro Wall Mount Vac N Blo, and the Metro Full Size Vac N Glo 4.0 HP Vacuum. You might be wondering what sets each vacuum apart from the others.


All four Vac N Blo’s have the ability to be used as both vacuums and blowers. They all have 4.0 peak horsepower, and they all boast an impressive 95″ of water lift (the unit of measuring suction).

The difference between these units are the accessories and how you use them. 


The Metro Vac N Blo Portable Vacuum – the smallest unit –  comes with a four wheel dolly and a 6 ft. hose. This rolls behind you like a traditional canister vacuum and it’s really well suited for household and garage use. At 8 lbs, you can pick it up easily.


The Metro Vac N Blo Wall Mount Vacuum is the same size as the portable unit, but it mounts on the wall. It has a 12 ft. hose, a wall mount bracket, and shoulder strap. Choose this unit if you want a portable vacuum with the option of hanging it on the wall.


The Metro Vac N Blo Sr. is a bigger, wall-mounted version. It includes wall mount hardware and  a 24 ft. hose so you can easily reach your vehicle without removing it from the wall. This one is a stationary vacuum.



The Metro Full Size Vac N Blo Vacuum is a large wall-mounted vacuum with a 24 ft. hose,  wall brackets for the vac and for the hose, and an accessory organizer. This is really the total package. It’s made to be stationary, like the Vac N Blo Sr., but the Full Size offers more attachments and a place to store them.


When choosing a Metro Vac N Blo, consider how you’ll be using it, the size of your garage, where you’d like to store it, and what kind of attachments you’ll need. Now, Metro has a Vac N Blo for everyone.


For more information and to compare all Metro vacs, go to our Metro Comparison Chart.