Updated schedule for Autogeek Show Car Garage on the Speed Channel!

After a break to make more videos, our Autogeek Show Car Garage segments will resume airing during Two Guys Garage starting on March 21. As always, you’ll be able to see extended versions of these videos at Autogeek.net. Learn about products available at Autogeek and get detailing tips from Mike Phillips, our resident car care aficionado.

On March 27 and 28, come down to Stuart, Florida to see the real Autogeek Show Car Garage and get hands-on training from Mike. It’s all happening at Autogeek’s 5th Annual Detail Fest!

Check out Autogeek's Show Car Garage segments on the Speed Channel!

Custom Car Builder Rich Evans will be at Detail Fest!

You may have seen Rich Evans on the Speed Channel’s Chop Cut & Rebuild. Now you can see him in person at Autogeek’s 5th Annual Detail Fest with his creation, the H2O Knight!

Rich is the owner and operator of Huntington Beach Bodyworks located in California. He specializes in incredible custom rebuilds. His work has been featured on television shows – Chopper Nation, Steel Dreams, Two Guys Garage, American Thunder, and Monster Garage – and in movies, including the upcoming “Kick Ass” and “Kill Speed”. ?Magazines, including Trucking, Airbrush Action, and Super Rod, have showcased Rich’s vehicles, too. Rich has won the Prestige Painter Award from House of Kolors in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Rich has been in the auto repair business all his life, but his real passion is custom rebuilds. In 1992, Rich opened Huntington Beach Bodyworks in his garage. Within a few years, he had outgrown several locations and finally settled into a 13,000 sq. ft. building that he painted to look like a castle. It’s truly a garage like no other. In this facility, Rich and his crew build some of the most original and fantastic vehicles on the road. In fact, Rich painted the famous Meguiars Semi Truck Urban Assault that will be making a repeat appearance at Detail Fest.

Some of Rich’s famous projects are Hardcore Knight, Hardcore H2O, Skull King, Ol Yeller, Black Knight, Penguin, Evil Soldier, Liberty Soldier, Meguiars 5th Wheel, Electric Queen, Shock & Awe, and Dan Chuck ’56 Vet.

Rich painted the Meguiar's truck that will be appearing at Autogeek's 5th Annual Detail Fest on March 27-28.

Rich painted the Meguiars truck that will appear at Detail Fest on March 27-28 here at Autogeek.net!

Meguiar's truck at last year's Detail Fest.

Go to Huntington Beach Bodyworks to learn more about Rich Evans and see photos of his amazing work.

Come to Autogeek’s 5th Annual Detail Fest to meet Rich in person and see his H2O Knight, a custom-designed Ford Mustang!

The New Porter Cable How-To Video is Live!

How to use the Porter Cable 7424XP to Remove Swirls
This new video shows a 3 step process to remove swirls out of a clear coat finish PLUS how to do a TEST SPOT to make sure you’re getting GREAT results before you attempt to buff out your entire car.

This how-to video shows everything you need to know about using a DA Polisher to do a Test Spot on your car and then the idea is, after you PROVE your system, that is after you successfully use your choice of pads, products and technique to remove the swirls in one small area, then you simply duplicate the same process over the rest of the car. Once you prove your system by doing a test spot you’re guaranteed success.

By doing a Test Spot and proving you can make one small section look great you’ll have the confidence to duplicate your process over the rest of the car and create a show car finish.

You’ll see,

  • How to remove swirls
  • How to polish the paint to a high gloss
  • How to apply a paint sealant by machine

Packed with Tips and Techniques
Besides showing the correct technique for working by machine to clean, polish and wax or seal your car’s paint there’s also lots of tips and techniques included in the video.

Techniques work with all 3 popular DA Polishers
The techniques shown in this video will work with all three of these DA Polishers,

Universal Techniques
These techniques will also work with any quality Foam Buffing Pads as well as any quality Swirl Mark Removers, Polishes and Glazes and, of course, your favorite Car Wax or Paint Sealant.

On a personal note…
It’s really easy for me to be my own worst critic and there’s a few glitches for sure but all and all I think it came out pretty good and after a second editing it will be even better.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments you have after watching the video to the forum.

Thank you…
A huge thank you to Max for supporting this new educational division of Autogeek.net and another huge thank you to Yancy for all his hard editing work. I’d also like to thank our Director Jason and everyone else at Autogeek for their help and support.

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Mike Phillips
Director of Training
1-800-869-3011 x206

Porter Cable Instructional Video as seen on the SPEED Channel

Another new video by Mike Phillips is airing on the Speed Channel during Two Guys Garage! In this video, Mike demonstrates how to use the Porter Cable 7424 XP to remove swirls from black paint.

Products Used:

Go to Autogeek for an extended version of this video!

As seen on the SPEED Channel…

Our first Autogeek’s Show Car Garage segment has debuted on the Speed Channel during Two Guys Garage! More segments are coming. Stay tuned to Two Guys Garage and check us out at Autogeek’s Show Car Garage homepage for extended versions of the videos you see on tv.