Nanoskin Smooth Instant Detail Spray

Nanoskin Smooth

Originally, did not carry the Nanoskin Smooth Instant Detail Spray individually. This product was initially only sold in the Nanoskin Brilliant Shine Autoscrub Kit. After several customers had great results with the Nanoskin Brilliant Shine Autoscrub Kit we started to see high demand to carry the quick detailer included in this kit individually.

After hearing such high demand, began selling the Nanoskin Smooth Instant Detail Spray separately. Now this product can be purchased here:

I had to see for myself what all the positive feedback was about, so I grabbed a bottle and decided to use it with the new Duragloss Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloth.

Duragloss Polishing Cloth

I’ve used this SUPER Plush Microfiber Towel before and it’s turning into one of my favorite microfiber towels for Quick Detailers and Waterless/Rinseless Washes.

The first thing I noticed about the Nanoskin Instant Detail Spray is the smell. I asked a few of my friends and we came to conclusion that this Quick Detailer smells like Grape Flinstone Vitamins! Everyone loved the smell. The next thing I noticed was the high level of lubricity. As I ran the Duragloss towel across my paint, the detailer never felt “grabby”; so inducing swirl marks or light scratches into my paint was never a concern. The detailer was never difficult to remove or smeared.

After applying the detailer, I stepped back and was amazed at the level of gloss. The last product I applied to my red paint was Dodo Juice – Bouncer’s 22 Wax and my motorcycle looked great. After a thorough inspection, no swirl marks were induced.

Then I checked the price! Only $9.99 for a 16oz spray bottle! This product easily outperformed the price. Then I checked the price for a gallon: $24.99!!! $24.99 for a 128oz bottle!

I highly recommend checking out the Nanoskin Smooth Instant Detail Spray!