Autogeek has been your store for everything on wheels, but now you have a place to go for everything that floats, too. is the newest store in the PBMA family. It is a huge super store of boat and RV detailing supplies backed by the same outstanding customer service and massive selection as

Why boats and RVs? They are both typically made of fiberglass with a gel coat. Gel coats are similar to a clear coat in function
but their composition is quite different. Gel-coat is a term used to describe the pigmented or colored outer surface of a fiberglass boat.  Fiberglass is a combination of polyester resin with glass woven fabric to create flexibility with strength.

Although gel coat finishes are very hard and durable, when exposed to oxygen in the air and in water, a chemical breakdown process occurs what we call oxidation.

Oxidation is basically the gel-coat material deteriorating and this shows up to us visually as a dull, rough and chalky looking finish.

If oxidation is left uncorrected, it will accelerate. The rough, deteriorated surface will retain water inside its top layer more than a smooth, hard, shiny, protected surface. So it’s best to put your boat and RV on a regular maintenance program that includes:

That’s where comes in. You can find everything you need to maintain your boat and RV in one place. The store
includes many boat and RV-specific products plus surface care products that cover all the bases, from cars to boats and RVs.

Mike Phillips will walk you through the essential steps of boat and RV care in our how-to videos. The how-to library is still growing so stay tuned!

If you have a boat or an RV, you can now give it the same high quality care you give your car. You’ll find all the products, tools, and
accessories your boat or RV needs at