NEW BLACKFIRE Wax Remover 32 oz. – Now in Stock!

Leave “trim crust” in the dust!

BLACKFIRE Wax Remover was developed as an expert-level solution to the common detailing aliment that many have faced in the past. The dried, crusty residue left on your trim when wax or other products find their way onto those surfaces. The cleaning agents in BLACKFIRE Wax Remover are specifically geared to target and break-up the unique components of waxes and polishes in a quick and efficient manner. More than that though, because BLACKFIRE Wax Remover targets the wax and polish specifically, it will not harm or tarnish any surface that you apply it to. With a simple spray and wipe application process, BLACKFIRE Wax Remover could not be any easier to use!

Waxes and polishes are a corner-stone of the detailing practice. They are a necessary tool to achieve the amazing gloss and shine for which every detailer strives. However, these products are usually designed to work on only one surface of your vehicle. Your paint. These products will tend to leave a very noticeable and irritating “crusty” residue on any porous surface (like your plastic and rubber trim) that they happen to land on. And, thanks to the fact that waxes, polishes, and other products very rarely stay in their own lane, this “trim crust” is a very common problem for most detailers.

Once this residue crops up on your trim, you will quickly learn that is not just as easy as wiping it off. This is where BLACKFIRE Wax Remover comes in. BLACKFIRE Wax Remover was designed using specialized cleaner agents that target the molecules of which waxes and polishes are comprised. These cleaner agents will quickly break-up the wax or polish that is resting on the surface, making it as easy as a wipe to effectively remove them!

BLACKFIRE Wax Remover takes off dried-on wax easily and safely!

While there are other cleaners that are capable of accomplishing such a task, those cleaners are often able to do so with the use of harmful surfactants. These surfactants won’t stop at the wax and polish particles though, they will also cause some severe degradation and corrosion of your trim surface as well! This is why BLACKFIRE Wax Remover was developed without the use of such surfactants. Making BLACKFIRE Wax Remover safe for all types of trim surfaces and allowing you to hone your trim to perfection without destroying it in the process. With BLACKFIRE Wax Remover, you won’t have to worry about spending hours taping off every surface of your car. You can detail with confidence, knowing that BLACKFIRE Wax Remover will be there to keep your trim looking prim!

Directions for Use:
Working out of direct sunlight, spray Wax Remover directly onto the affected area and allow to dwell for approximately 30-45 seconds. Depending on severity of contamination, you can either scrub the surface using a trim brush or wipe away with a microfiber towel. Be sure to apply BLACKFIRE Trim & Tire Protectant when you’re done to keep your trim protected!

32 oz.


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