Polish mag wheels with Flitz metal polishing products!

Mike Phillips along with Oley Jentzsch, the President of Flitz Metal Polishes, show you how to remove years of oxidation and corrosion on aluminum Mag wheels the quick and easy way using the Flitz Mag Wheel Restoration Kit. Using an electric drill, Flitz Metal Polish and the unique Flitz Buff Ball, anyone can get professional results using the techniques Oley and Mike share in this how-to video.

You can repeat this process on your own wheels using the products below, all found at Autogeek.net:

Flitz Aluminum Precleaner

Flitz Large Buff Ball

Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer Paste

Wheel Brush

Yellow Poly Foam Applicators

All Flitz Products On Sale This Week Only!

All Flitz products on sale through April 27, 2010!

Oley, the owner of Flitz, visited the Autogeek Show Car Garage last week to film a video featuring his complete product line of aluminum, chrome, brass, copper, stainless steel, and plastic products. Flitz will be the first company featured in an Autogeek Show Car Garage video. Every month a new company will appear in its own video filmed right here at the Autogeek Show Car Garage.

Flitz has been making highly effective polishing products for over 30 years. Flitz’s entire line of metal cleaners, polishes, and buffing balls simplifies detailing while giving you excellent results. Explore the Flitz line.

Oley and Mike Phillips
Oley from Flitz visited Mike Phillips in the Autogeek Show Car Garage.

Flitz polishing products