NEW Pinnacle Black Label Compound 8 oz.

The first step to achieving a mirror-like finish!

Using Pinnacle Black Label Compound, you will be able to expertly remove and repair moderate to severe paint imperfections. With the ability to remove up to 1,000 grit sanding marks, Pinnacle Black Label Compound will easily be capable of correcting the heavy-duty swirls, scratches, and oxidation which populate your paint. Pinnacle Black Label Compound makes your compounding step much easier than before thanks to its low-dusting formula! Pinnacle Black Label Compound will also finish off to a much higher gloss than you’d have any right to expect from a compound this capable!

If you are just breaking into detailing (or if you are helping a car-neglecting friend), chances are the car you are working on is going to be in a bit rougher shape than most. The surface of this car may very well be riddled with heavy scratches, severe swirls, stubborn oxidation, water-spot etchings, and rock chips. These imperfections will not be easy to remove and will likely need much more than a cleaner wax to eliminate them. You will need a product that has the abrasive technology to smooth out the surface much more than just your run-of-the-mill polish!

Pinnacle Black Label Compound was developed for situations just like this! The abrasives contained in Pinnacle Black Label Compound are capable of removing 1,000 grit sanding marks with ease.Considering pretty much any damage that currently sits on your paint is not nearly as difficult to remove as 1,000 grit sanding marks, you can rest assured that Pinnacle Black Label Compound will restore your once dingy and faded paint back to its lustrous glory!

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Work back and forth


Check out your results!

One of the most annoying aspects for heavy paint correction is having to clean up the “dusting”. As you work a compound into the paint, the lubricants and liquids evaporate due to the heat, leaving behind only the small abrasive particles and dried gel bits. These substances are thrown all over the place thanks to the motion of the polisher. This is referred to as “dusting”. Pinnacle Black Label Compound generates a very low amount of “dusting” thanks to the generous amount of lubricants that are contained in its formula. The more lubrication you have, the less likely that that lubrication is to evaporate, causing dusting!

These same lubricants will also greatly decrease marring during the buffing process, meaning the surface will look highly glossy after the compounding process!

Directions for Use:
Black Label Compound can be used by hand or by machine, but for best results, use with a machine polisher. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Be sure the surface is fully washed and dried before compounding.

For use by hand: Apply three nickel-sized drops of product to a foam hand polishing pad and work in a back and forth, overlapping motion until product starts to dry. Wipe polish away using a clean, dry microfiber towel. Continue around vehicle.

For use by machine: Apply three nickel-sized drops of product to a foam cutting or polishing pad and using medium pressure on one panel at a time, work the product into the surface using a back and forth, overlapping motion. When product begins to dry, check your work and repeat if necessary. For best results, follow up with Pinnacle Black Label Polish.

8 oz.

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