Cyclo Orbital Polisher Model 5-Pro Variable Speed

The Cyclo Model 5-Pro Orbital Polisher has a variable speed controller.Start your new year off with a new Cyclo Orbital Polisher Model 5-Pro! This new Cyclo has a variable speed controller to set the speed from 650 to 3000 OPM. This is the first Cyclo with more than one speed! Now you can perform swirl removal and compounding or slow, fine polishing. The new Cyclo Model 5-Pro has all the durable features and heavy duty construction you’ve come to expect from Cyclo.

The Cyclo Model 5-Pro has the Vibration Elimination System to allow smooth, fluid motion. This system is composed of a completely redesigned counterweight and precision matched, weighted inserts. The Cyclo includes all three VES weighted inserts: yellow, silver, and blue. The Cyclo 5-Pro comes with the ProGuard backing plates, which are compatible with the blue weighted inserts. If you want to use the traditional Cyclo pad holders, DoublePrecision Pads, or carpet brushes, you already have the necessary weighted inserts with the purchase of the Cyclo 5-Pro.

The Cyclo 5-Pro includes all 3 weighted inserts.The Cyclo 5-Pro gives you what no previous Cyclo has – versatility! Try out the Cyclo 5-Pro with variable speed controller for everything from ultra slow buffing to high powered compounding.

The Cyclo Model 5-Pro Polisher is one of the polishers that will be featured at Mike Phillips’ Detailing 101 Class on January 29, 2011. Sign up here!

Cyclo 4 Inch Hook and Loop Wool Pads

Give metal a showroom shine with Genuine Cyclo wool pads.

Cyclo 4 inch Wool Pads bring the superior leveling and polishing power of wool to the Cyclo Orbital Polisher! These pads work with your Cyclo pad holders for quick and easy pad changes. Cyclo 4 inch Wool Pads stay balanced, giving you even, smooth results every time.

Cyclo 4 inch Wool Pads are designed to be more durable and versatile than traditional wool pads. The wool is blended with acrylic to reduce linting and improve the wool’s durability. The ratio of wool to acrylic is directly related to each pad’s intended use. For example, the blue pad has less wool, which is better for gloss enhancement and general polishing.

These single-sided Cyclo 4 Inch Wool Pads work with the conventional Cyclo configuration with the pad holders, so there’s nothing else to buy. The hook and loop fasteners hold pads securely during operation and allow quick and easy pad changes.

Cyclo 4 inch Wool Buffing Pads are available in these varieties:

Yellow Medium Cut 50% Wool, 50% Wool Acrylic Pad
The yellow wool pad is moderately aggressive. It removes swirls and moderate scratches, and reduces significant pits and deeper scratches. Use a swirl remover with the yellow pad when aggressive cutting is not needed.

Blue Finishing 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool Pad
Use the blue pad for general polishing and gloss-enhancement. The blue pad can be used with any finishing polish to bring out a fine luster on any finish.

Cyclo 4 inch Wool Buffing Pads can be washed and reused. Soak the used pads in DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator diluted in water according to the directions. After 15 minutes, rinse the pads well and lay flat to dry.

Cyclo 4 inch Wool Pads work great on metal! Use Cyclo 4 inch Wool Buffing Pads on metal trailers, planes, and RVs with your Cyclo Polisher. They?ll remove light scratches and brighten aluminum to a mirror shine!

Cyclo 4 inch Wool Buffing Pads are another valuable tool in the mission to keep your vehicle looking smooth and swirl-free.

Pads are sold individually.

Buy Cyclo 4 Inch Wool Pads here!

New At Autogeek: Mike Phillips' Principles of Machine Polishing DVD

Detail Fest attendees got another special treat – the new Mike Phillips DVD was available there first. Now Autogek Show Car Garage Mike Phillips’ Principles of Machine Polishing DVD is available at Anyone can learn polishing techniques and tips from Mike Phillips in the comfort of your own garage.

Machine polishing is easy and anyone can do it. You’ll be convinced after watching Mike Phillips’ Principles of Machine Polishing. Mike thoroughly explains the what, how, and why of detailing with a polisher by using two popular machines: the Porter Cable 7424XP and the Cyclo. The techniques shown for the Porter Cable 7424XP also apply to the Griot’s Garage Random Orbital Polisher, the Meguiars Dual Action Polish G110v2, and any other orbital polisher.

In addition to how to use the polishers, you’ll learn important steps to guarantee a perfect finish, such as pad selection, how to use the Brinkmann Swirl Finder Spotlight, how and when to perform a test spot, how to perform a section pass, and many more tips they just don’t tell you in the instruction manual!

Mike Phillips is our Director of Training at Autogeek. He teaches machine polishing classes here in the Autogeek Show Car Garage several times a year, where detailers learn the techniques you’ll see in this video. Now you can bring Mike into your own garage to show you how a polisher can transform your vehicle into a show car.

Your vehicle can look like a show car. Mike Phillips’ Principles of Machine Polishing will show you how.

Get your DVD signed by Mike Phillips! Click here to get your own copy of Mike Phillips’ Principles of Machine Polishing DVD.

New Cyclo Polisher with VES Technology

Each Cyclo Polisher is expertly machined, manually polished, and hand-fitted to ensure durability and longevity. Its solid metal construction, machined fittings, precisely crafted gears and hand assembly make the Cyclo machine the world’s finest orbital polisher. In addition, this extraordinary tool is serviceable. Every part on a Cyclo Polisher can be replaced, ensuring that it will continue to perform at its highest level for years, even decades, after purchase.

The Cyclo Polisher heads orbit to produce a world-class shine without burning paint or leaving behind any swirl marks.

VES technology standard on all Cyclo Polishers.

All Cyclo Polishers will include the advanced Vibration Elimination System (VES). VES is available exclusively on Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers and includes a completely redesigned counterweight and precision-matched, weighted inserts. Select the proper VES weighted inserts for the intended attachment system configuration and eliminate nearly all vibration.

Cyclo Polisher with VES Technology



  • Power Supply: 115 Volts, 60 Hertz, 220 Watts
  • Motor: alternating current, semi-enclosed 24-bar commutator, Speed: 3000 orbits/minute, Output: 1/3 H.P. (.25 Kw)
  • Weight: 6.5 lb. (2.9 kg)
  • Head Rotation/Diameter: clockwise/4″
  • Electric Cord: 10′ length, 16 ga/3SJTOW
  • Housing: heavy-duty cast aluminum


Cyclo Toolmakers, Inc. Vibration Elimination System (VES™) is available exclusively on Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers and is composed of a completely redesigned counterweight and precision matched, weighted inserts. Prior to this innovation the Cyclo Model 5 polisher imparted only about one-tenth the vibration of traditional rotary and dual action polishers. With the introduction of the new Cyclo VES, the amount of vibration is reduced even further and nearly eliminated.

Cyclo VES Counterweight: Completely reengineered, the Cyclo VES counterweight comes installed on all new Cyclo Model 5 Polishers. VES will be available for Model 5C and 6CE polishers starting in 2009.

Cyclo VES Weighted Inserts: By simply matching the correct VES weighted insert to the intended attachment system configuration – head assemblies with Rubber Pad Holders or bonnets, carpet and scrub brushes, Quick Connect Adapters with DoublePrecision™ pads, or other Genuine Cyclo attachments – you can nearly eliminate all vibration.

WHY LOW VIBRATION IS IMPORTANT: It has been proven that operators face significant risk of muscle, joint and nerve damage caused by the inherent vibration of power tools.  By reducing the amount of vibration you can reduce muscle and joint fatigue as well as the potential risk for permanent damage, as described in ISO 5349-1:2001. Mechanical vibration — Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration.