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Flex DVD

Learn how to master the complete line of Flex polishers with the How to Properly Use Flex Polishers DVD! Learn from the expert himself, Mike Phillips, as he goes over the various dual action and rotary polishers manufactured by Flex Power Tools. Mike Phillips provides an in-depth look at all three Flex polishers while providing you with invaluable tips and techniques on how to achieve flawless paint with your newfound favorite Flex dual action or rotary polisher.

What’s more, the information found in this DVD also pertains to other dual action and rotary polishers. Mike Phillips explains proper machine polishing techniques including how to keep your pad flat while using the powerful Flex XC3401 and how to pick up your bead using the buttery smooth Flex PE14-2-150. No small detail on any of the three polishers manufactured by Flex Power Tools is overlooked in the How to Properly Use Flex Polishers DVD.

Mike Phillips is our Director of Training at Autogeek. He teaches machine polishing classes here in the Autogeek Show Car Garage several times a year, where detailers learn the techniques you’ll see in this video. Now you can bring Mike into your own garage with this DVD, “How to Properly Use Flex Polishers.”

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How To Apply Carnauba Wax

Summertime! It’s time to apply sunscreen to yourself and your vehicle. In the summer, UV rays are at their most intense. Sunlight and heat accelerate auto paint oxidation and fading. To keep your vehicle’s color and shine in like-new condition, regularly apply a quality car wax. A car wax provides a barrier between the paint and the sun. UV rays, moisture, dirt, bird droppings, and bugs hit the wax coating rather than directly touching the paint. Therefore the paint stays healthy. Gradually, the wax will diminish and new wax will have to be applied. Get the most out of every wax application by following the tips described in the videos below.

To get all the products used by Mike Phillips in these videos, visit!

How to apply Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0

As seen on Two Guys Garage on the Speed Channel, this video show you how to properly apply and remove Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 by hand. Our premium paint sealant is easy to apply, easy to buff off and extremely easy to appreciate!

Click here to see an extended version of Mike Phillips’ explanation of the “Straight Line” technique, as seen on

All Flitz Products On Sale This Week Only!

All Flitz products on sale through April 27, 2010!

Oley, the owner of Flitz, visited the Autogeek Show Car Garage last week to film a video featuring his complete product line of aluminum, chrome, brass, copper, stainless steel, and plastic products. Flitz will be the first company featured in an Autogeek Show Car Garage video. Every month a new company will appear in its own video filmed right here at the Autogeek Show Car Garage.

Flitz has been making highly effective polishing products for over 30 years. Flitz’s entire line of metal cleaners, polishes, and buffing balls simplifies detailing while giving you excellent results. Explore the Flitz line.

Oley and Mike Phillips
Oley from Flitz visited Mike Phillips in the Autogeek Show Car Garage.

Flitz polishing products

Updated schedule for Autogeek Show Car Garage on the Speed Channel!

After a break to make more videos, our Autogeek Show Car Garage segments will resume airing during Two Guys Garage starting on March 21. As always, you’ll be able to see extended versions of these videos at Learn about products available at Autogeek and get detailing tips from Mike Phillips, our resident car care aficionado.

On March 27 and 28, come down to Stuart, Florida to see the real Autogeek Show Car Garage and get hands-on training from Mike. It’s all happening at Autogeek’s 5th Annual Detail Fest!

Check out Autogeek's Show Car Garage segments on the Speed Channel!

The New Porter Cable How-To Video is Live!

How to use the Porter Cable 7424XP to Remove Swirls
This new video shows a 3 step process to remove swirls out of a clear coat finish PLUS how to do a TEST SPOT to make sure you’re getting GREAT results before you attempt to buff out your entire car.

This how-to video shows everything you need to know about using a DA Polisher to do a Test Spot on your car and then the idea is, after you PROVE your system, that is after you successfully use your choice of pads, products and technique to remove the swirls in one small area, then you simply duplicate the same process over the rest of the car. Once you prove your system by doing a test spot you’re guaranteed success.

By doing a Test Spot and proving you can make one small section look great you’ll have the confidence to duplicate your process over the rest of the car and create a show car finish.

You’ll see,

  • How to remove swirls
  • How to polish the paint to a high gloss
  • How to apply a paint sealant by machine

Packed with Tips and Techniques
Besides showing the correct technique for working by machine to clean, polish and wax or seal your car’s paint there’s also lots of tips and techniques included in the video.

Techniques work with all 3 popular DA Polishers
The techniques shown in this video will work with all three of these DA Polishers,

Universal Techniques
These techniques will also work with any quality Foam Buffing Pads as well as any quality Swirl Mark Removers, Polishes and Glazes and, of course, your favorite Car Wax or Paint Sealant.

On a personal note…
It’s really easy for me to be my own worst critic and there’s a few glitches for sure but all and all I think it came out pretty good and after a second editing it will be even better.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments you have after watching the video to the forum.

Thank you…
A huge thank you to Max for supporting this new educational division of and another huge thank you to Yancy for all his hard editing work. I’d also like to thank our Director Jason and everyone else at Autogeek for their help and support.

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Mike Phillips
Director of Training
1-800-869-3011 x206

Porter Cable Instructional Video as seen on the SPEED Channel

Another new video by Mike Phillips is airing on the Speed Channel during Two Guys Garage! In this video, Mike demonstrates how to use the Porter Cable 7424 XP to remove swirls from black paint.

Products Used:

Go to Autogeek for an extended version of this video!

As seen on the SPEED Channel…

Our first Autogeek’s Show Car Garage segment has debuted on the Speed Channel during Two Guys Garage! More segments are coming. Stay tuned to Two Guys Garage and check us out at Autogeek’s Show Car Garage homepage for extended versions of the videos you see on tv.

Autogeek iPhone / iPod App iPhone/iPod Touch Application

Autogeek iPhone/iPod Touch Application!

Welcome to the iPhone/iPod Touch application, the best app to find facts, tips and tricks from the industry’s top Automotive Detailing Experts. iPhone/iPod Touch app is your personal car care instruction app covering all car care topics: polishing, waxing, washing, cleaning wheels and tires, convertible top care, and more. Treat it like your very own detailing handbook. You’ll find tips and techniques here that are currently used by detailing professionals and enthusiasts to create automotive masterpieces. Borrow from their knowledge and turn your own vehicle into a work of art. iPhone/iPod Touch Application Features
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If you’re looking for information on a specific product, you can visit our online store,, via the “Shop” button. In addition to our own products – Pinnacle, Wolfgang, DP, Diamondite, and Cobra — Autogeek carries hundreds of other excellent car care products for every surface of your vehicle. Autogeek is your number one car care source for auto detailing supplies, the best car wax, car care products, car polishes, auto accessories, polishers, and car detailing tools store. Whether you’re detailing your car for a show or detailing for fun, you’ll find the best car care products to bring out the perfect finish on your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle.

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See live demonstrations of detailing products and professional techniques in the palm of your hand. These how-to videos will walk you step by step through the car care process. This is your resource for a wealth of information on all the products manufactured by Palm Beach Motoring Accessories.

  • Pinnacle – Complete Process
  • Pinnacle XMT – Light and Intermediate Swirl Removal
  • Diamondite – Glass and Plastic systems
  • Wolfgang – Complete Process
Clear away frost twice as fast! The two brass blades clear more surface area when used in a back and forth motion. A single pass over the glass is like two passes in effect, so you’re clearing more frost without actually doing more work. The two blades pivot when in this position, so you can maintain the optimum angle of curved glass.
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The detailing how-to’s and videos are written from the combined experiences of professional detailers and industry leaders in car care. We constantly update our how to guides to provide you with the latest tips and products as we learn about them. Follow the links throughout these guides to learn more about the products recommended and to add them to your own detailing arsenal.

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  • Convertible Top Care
  • Detailing Clay Guide
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  • Wax & Paint Sealant Application
  • Klasse Application Guide
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  • Headlight Lens Restoration
  • Engine Detailing
  • Winterizing Your Car’s Exterior
Clear away frost twice as fast! The two brass blades clear more surface area when used in a back and forth motion. A single pass over the glass is like two passes in effect, so you’re clearing more frost without actually doing more work. The two blades pivot when in this position, so you can maintain the optimum angle of curved glass.
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To put even more information at your fingertips, we have also enabled you a quick and easy way access to our online forum, It’s a place for auto detailers and enthusiasts to discuss their hobby, share advice, and post pictures of their work. It’s a great way to get feedback on your specific detailing issue from others who’ve encountered the same problem. Best of all, you can log on to the forum at all hours to get the information you need to achieve the best possible finish on your vehicle.

Clear away frost twice as fast! The two brass blades clear more surface area when used in a back and forth motion. A single pass over the glass is like two passes in effect, so you’re clearing more frost without actually doing more work. The two blades pivot when in this position, so you can maintain the optimum angle of curved glass.

Check back often because we’re always updating our detailing guides and adding new features. Our goal is to provide you with the best information and products for your vehicle all in one mobile place, the app.

Instructional Video: How To Polish Your Care With The Porter Cable 7424 Polisher & Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Swirl Remover And Finishing Polish

In this video you’ll learn how to polish your vehicle’s paint with the Porter Cable 7424 and Pinnacle Natural Brilliance products for maximum gloss, shine and clarity. Proper polishing before you wax will ensure that the you get the maximum benefits from your final wax or paint sealant.    


 Want even more information on how to polish your car with a dual action polisher? Check out Autogeek’s Dual Action Orbital Polishing Guide!