Autogeek Detail Fest & Car Show 2018

<font color=red>Autogeek Detail Fest & Car Show 2018</font>

On March 17th & 18th, 2018, Autogeek will host the 13th annual Detail Fest & Car Show at the Palm Beach medadvice County Convention Center! The 12th annual Detail Fest was held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center for the first time and with great success! With over 100,000 square feet reserved for vendor area and several class rooms for the event, the new venue took Detail Fest to the next level and offered a unique opportunity for car enthusiasts from around the globe to gather and celebrate their shared passion for cars! The 13th Annual Autogeek Detail Fest in 2018 is expected to be even better!

Detail Fest is open to the public and will feature car shows, product demonstrations, mini-detailing classes, food vendors and live entertainment. Detail Fest provides a chance for fans and professionals alike to meet industry insiders and celebrities in a fun and casual setting. Each year, awareness of Detail Fest grows and AutoGeek anticipates a record number of participants and spectators this year.

Registration for medadvice the Detail Fest Car Show on Saturday, March 17th, 2018 IS OPEN! Sign up below!

Autogeek Detail Fest <font color=red>SATURDAY</font> Car Show Registration
Our Price: $25.00

We’ll be updating this page as we continue planning so check back for more information!

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