The Workhorse Auto Detailing Supplies Cart

Make everyday jobs easier with a little help from the Workhorse.

Eliminate back-breaking work. Never again search for the things you need. The Workhorse Auto Detailing Supplies Cart is convenient storage for all your detailing supplies, including the wash bucket, plus it’s a comfortable place to sit while you work. Take the work out of detailing – and many more jobs – with the Workhorse Auto Detailing

Once you’ve used the Workhorse Auto Detailing Cart, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. It has storage compartments underneath for bottles, drink cans, and applicators. On the end are two perfect places to hang towels. By the bucket cubby are two holes where you can insert wheel brushes. And, of course, the Workhorse accommodates a giant 5 gallon bucket. In addition to all this storage space, there’s still a spot for you to sit.

The Workhorse Auto Detailing Cart has four heavy duty wheels to carry all your detailing supplies with you. Roll the cart along behind you to keep everything within easy reach. Ask any professional detailer – easy access makes the job go faster. The wash bucket sits right on the cart so it rolls where you need it. There’s no need to lug a heavy bucket of water when you can just pull it behind you on the Workhorse.Ergonomically design handle does down and out of the way when not in use.

For your comfort and convenience while you work, the Workhorse has a large, non-slip seat on top that’s capable of holding 350 pounds. Sit while you buff the lower panels of your vehicle or while detailing a boat. Work on your motorcycle or on wheels while sitting on the Workhorse. The Workhorse eliminates bending and stooping. Instead, you can work from a comfortable seated position, which gives you better access to the work surface, and you don’t tire as quickly.

When the Workhorse Auto Detailing Cart is not in use, just roll it into the garage. It’s a neat and orderly way to store supplies and it doesn’t take up much floor space.


  1. Where can I find the Workhorse Auto detailing cart?

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