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Optimum Hyper Polishing System

Optimum Hyper Polishing SystemNew at Autogeek, Optimum 8 inch 100% Twisted Wool and 8 inch Foam Finishing Pads, Double-Sided Rotary Adapter, and Opti-Flex 7 inch Backing Plate round out a complete polishing system with Optimum Hyper Compound Spray and Optimum Hyper Polish Spray.

To get the best performance out of the revolutionary new Optimum Hyper sprays, Optimum? has released 100% Twisted Wool 8 Inch Pads and Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pads. They’re both available in single or double-sided pads. The necessary Double-Sided Rotary Adapter and Opti-Flex 7 Inch Rotary Backing Plate are also available.

The system is designed for rotary polisher use. Armed with the Optimum Polishing System, you can eliminate all types of imperfections on your vehicle and create an incredible shine. These are professional grade formulas applied with professional grade tools. The polishes were designed specifically for OEM application, so you know they can tackle any paint flaw.

First use Optimum Hyper Compound Spray with a Optimum 100% Twisted Wool Pad. Choose the single or double-sided pad, depending on your preference. This step will remove deep scratches and heavy swirls, but it leaves very little haze. Optimum Hyper Compound Spray finishes more like a polish than a compound, which means you can achieve the results you want in less time.

Next, use Optimum Hyper Polish Spray with an Optimum Foam Finishing 8 Inch Pad. Keep in mind that Hyper Polish Spray isn’t necessarily a finishing polish. It can remove heavier imperfections if used with a polishing foam pad. But, assuming you’ve just used Optimum Hyper Compound Spray, Optimum Hyper Polish Spray works very well as a finishing polish to restore a deep gloss to the paint.

With the introduction of the 100% Twisted Wool Pads and Foam Finishing Pads, Optimum has created a complete polishing system. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose single or double-sided pads. View the video below to see the Optimum Hyper Polishing System in action. Find all the products mentioned here at

Boat Care 101: Washing a Boat

Cleaning and protecting your boat is key to maintaining its long-term beauty and value. A few simple boat care tips will keep your boat ship-shape for many years to come.

Much like your car, a boat requires regular cleaning and waxing to keep it looking its best. Vinyl seats and covers need a waterproof protectant with strong UV blockers. Metal surfaces must be polished. Eisenglass may need polishing or sealing. With regular attention, all these jobs become relatively quick and easy. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way.

This article is part one of our series on Boat Care.

Washing a Boat

A boat sits in water so it doesn’t need washing, right? Wrong. Salt water and fresh water both have organisms living in them that can attach to your boat hull. Before you know it, your white boat has turned green with algae!

Regular washing keeps algae at bay. Plus, washing removes corrosive salt from sea-faring boats. Rinse down your boat with fresh water after every voyage and wash it with a boat shampoo periodically. Definitely wash your boat before storing it at the end of season. Meguiars Boat Wash and 3M Heavy Duty Hull and Deck Cleaner are two great boat wash options. A soft Natural Sea Sponge or Sheepskin Wash Mitt will make the job easy.

Removing What Washing Leaves Behind

Sometimes algae and those pesky black streaks are just too stubborn for a mild boat shampoo. You need a cleaner that’s made for tough jobs. Meguiars Black Streak Remover is formulated to remove the black streaks that result from organic matter decaying and staining the fiberglass, paint and metal.

Duragloss Marine & RV Cleaner with Mildew Buster #541 eliminates mildew and stubborn stains on vinyl, fiberglass, tile, and other non-porous surfaces. Use it topside on the railings, vinyl seats, and fiberglass. Use it below deck on counters and in the lavatory.

Amazing Roll-Off is a tried-and-true boat cleaner. It works wonders on black streaks, diesel soot, and mildew. Plus, Amazing Roll-Off leaves a protective finish that causes dirt to just roll off!?

* To prevent black streaks, store your boat in a garage or under a shelter when it’s not in use. Falling leaves, bugs, and bird droppings stain fiberglass.

* Treat any mildew stains and allow the boat’s interior to dry out thoroughly before storing the boat in the off-season, particularly if you use a boat cover or tarp.

See Step Two: Polishing a Boat.

Free Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush!

Free Daytona Speed Master Wheel BrushRight now at Autogeek, you can get a FREE Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush with your purchase of $200 or more. The Daytona Speed Master Brush is valued at $29.99. Use it to clean intricate wheel designs. The Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush has flexible, soft bristles that safely loosen dirt and brake dust on any wheel finish. A flexible stem allows you to clean wheels front to back, between spokes, and even behind the caliper. Get your Free Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush by adding it to your cart when you spend $200 at Offer ends this Sunday, July 25, 2010. Signs on as "Presents Sponsor" of Motorhead Garage

Motorhead Garage hosts Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman.

Motorhead Garage hosts Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman.

July 7, 2010 – Bristol, TN Masters Entertainment Group, Inc. (MEG) announced today, the signing of AUTOGEEK, of Stuart, FL as “Presents Sponsor” of their newest television series Motorhead Garage featuring Sam Memmolo, and Dave Bowman, formerly of Shadetree Mechanic and Two Guys Garage.

The series will debut on Fox Sports Network (FSN) National Sunday, July 25, 2010 at 11:30A nationwide. It will repeat on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 4:30P, and will run for twelve (12) consecutive weeks, at those time slots, in third quarter 2010. The series will then return to FSN in January of 2011 for an additional twenty-six (26) weeks.

“We are very pleased to have AUTOGEEK on board this new series,” said Butch McCall, Executive Vice President of Masters. “They are an outstanding company with an extensive product line of quality car care products.”

“I am excited about working with Motorhead Garage because education is a primary goal at Autogeek. By teaching enthusiasts the skills to maintain their own vehicles, we’re helping them get more satisfaction and enjoyment out of their vehicles,” stated Mike Phillips, Director of Training for Autogeek.

“In addition to their ‘Presents Sponsorship’, Autogeek will provide several features for the automotive enthusiasts with step by step instruction on keeping their vehicles looking their best,” McCall continued. “It is a perfect fit for Motorhead Garage.”

If you are interested in having your company’s products featured on Motorhead Garage, by Sam and Dave, contact Masters Entertainment Group at 423-968-7736 or email Butch McCall at

View the original press release at

Autogeek’s Director of Training Mike Phillips will appear on the debut episode of Motorhead Garage this Sunday at 11:30 am EST on Fox Sports Network. Check your local listings.

Brinkmann Tuff Max Dual LED Swirl Finder Spotlight

Detect swirls and other paint imperfections with the Brinkmann Tuff Max Dual LED Swirl Finder Spotlight! It has two multi-directional LED bulbs that are individually adjustable. The LED lights have two intensity settings so you can make the light brighter or dimmer depending on the job at hand.

If you need to illuminate two areas, you only need one Brinkmann Tuff Max Dual LED Swirl Finder Spotlight. Each LED light pivots individually to 45 degrees in both directions. This comes in handy if you are comparing two car panels to check for a uniform finish, for example.

The Brinkmann Tuff Max Dual LED Swirl Finder Spotlight is a useful tool for any detailer. Use it to access the condition of auto paint and gauge your progress as you compound. The two powerful LED bulbs produce a uniform beam up to 100 lumens each with a beam distance of 320 meters. No swirl can hide from the Brinkmann Tuff Max Dual LED Swirl Finder Spotlight!

Read more about the Brinkmann Tuff Max Dual LED Swirl Finder Spotlight at

The Brinkmann LED Headlamp Makes Detailing Easier

Wear the Brinkmann LED Headlamp while detailing.Have you ever had someone hold a flashlight for you while you’re trying to work on something? The light is never exactly where you need it. You need a hands-free light that follows your gaze to illuminate whatever you’re looking at. You need the Brinkmann LED Headlamp!

The Brinkmann LED Headlamp fits comfortably on your head and provides bright light wherever you need it. It’s impossible to hold a flashlight while detailing or working.

The Brinkmann LED Headlamp pivots!The Brinkmann LED Headlamp features a long-lasting LED. It provides 15 hours of continuous run time on one set of batteries – plenty of time to complete a detail! The headlamp pivots to give you light right where you need it. The on/off switch is easily accessible and the elastic headband adjusts to fit comfortably. The Brinkmann LED Headlamp is made out of durable ABS.

In addition to detailing, the Brinkmann LED Headlamp is ideal for auto and motorcycle repair, paint chip repair, fine woodworking or painting, or any job that requires extra light to get it done right.

Learn more and get your own Brinkmann LED Headlamp at

Black Nitrile Gloves

latex-free nitrile glovesBlack Nitrile Gloves are a must for any detailer or mechanic, whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer!

As a detailer, you want to protect your hands from chemicals and solvents but you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing clumsy gloves. Black Nitrile Gloves give you skin protection and the tactile sensitivity you need to do fine detail work. You’ll forget you have on gloves! The gloves provide excellent non-slip grip even when wet. Grab greasy tools and slippery wax jars without dropping them.

The beauty of Black Nitrile Gloves is that they are more durable than latex or vinyl. Black Nitrile Gloves have three times the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl gloves! Plus, Black Nitrile Gloves are 20% thicker than the common blue nitrile gloves. Black Nitrile Gloves are 5 mils thick in palm and 6 mils thick on the fingertips. They simply hold up better during demanding jobs than other detailing gloves.

Black Nitrile Gloves are latex-free and powder-free, perfect for those with latex sensitivity. Powder can leave residue on the vehicle which can interfere with fresh paint or adhesives. Black Nitrile Gloves have no powder, yet they are still easy to slide on and off thanks to a polymer coating.

Get your own box of Black Nitrile Gloves, available in multiple sizes, at

Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades: The razor blade alternative!

ScrapeRite Plastic Razor BladesScrape safer with Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades! The next time you need to remove a sticker from your vehicle’s paint or glass, use a Scraperite Blade. ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades are hard plastic, double-sided razor blades with an easy-to-grip handle. ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades do all the jobs for which you’d use a regular razor blade, but the plastic blades are much safer on paint, glass, plastics, chrome, and all other surfaces. A steel razor blade can easily and deeply scratch auto paint, window tint, or chrome but ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades can do the same jobs with less risk of scratching or gouging. The automotive uses are endless!

The orange general purpose ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades are strong but flexible to conform to curved surfaces.

ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades are available in quantities of one, five and 25 with a blade holder or in a pack of 100 without a blade holder.

Click here for a full list of uses for ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades!

Polishers, Pads, and Polisher Kits are On Sale!

Autogeek Polisher Sale

Every year we like to pull out all the stops and put all our polishers and accessories on sale. Good news – our Buffer Sale is going on now! We can only offer these savings for a few days so act fast. Now is the best time to save on polishers, polisher kits, foam and wool pads, pad washers, and virtually everything related to polishers. You may not have a better opportunity all year to save on a polisher or polisher kit! It’s been said before but it really is like Christmas in July! Don’t miss out. Autogeek’s Annual Buffer Event ends Sunday, July 18, 2010 at midnight EST.

Shop Buffers and Accessories now!

PLUS orders over $199.99 will receive a Free Wolfgang Fuzion Mini Wax valued at $49.99. All you have to do is spend $199.99 and add the free Fuzion Mini to your shopping cart here. This offer has expired.

Best Paint Protection for Hot Weather

Choose the right paint sealant for summer.

With record high temperatures on the East Coast of the U.S., it seems like a great time to offer some suggestions for heat-resistant waxes and sealants. Intense heat is one of the factors that can affect the longevity of wax. All waxes have a melting point. Carnauba’s melting point is the highest of any natural wax but, for long-term staying power, you can’t beat a polymer paint sealant.

Collinite Insulator Wax #845 is a terrific wax that is literally made to withstand high temperatures. It was developed to insulate electric components but has proven to be an outstanding car wax both for its shine and protection.

DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant is an entirely synthetic, high bonding sealant with great gloss and durability. Released earlier this year, DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant has a built-in bonding agent that gives it the staying power that is so important in the summer heat.

Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze is, of course, a tried-and-true winner in the longevity department, no matter what the weather. Made with acrylic, Klasse forms a tough, protective coating that will easily last through summer, fall, and into winter.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 is another long-lasting, high gloss paint sealant that will keep your vehicle protected all summer long. It was developed using German Super Polymers for maximum shine and maximum protection.

This doesn’t mean you have to put the carnauba wax on the shelf for the summer. Apply a layer of carnauba wax over the paint sealant to get an eye-popping shine.

For more excellent paint sealants, visit our paint sealant page at!