SCANGRIP Multimatch II

The ideal light source for professional detailers!

If you are a professional detailer that frequently details cars inside, the SCANGRIP Multimatch II will allow you to bring the swirl-finding potential of the sun right to your garage! With 5 different levels of brightness and correlated color temperature, the SCANGRIP Multimatch II can be tuned to meet your exact detailing needs. The SCANGRIP Multimatch II can be run continuously for up to 14 hours, giving you plenty of time to complete multiple full details without losing light. The SCANGRIP Multimatch II is also extremely resilient to dust, water, and drops. The SCANGRIP Multimatch II is the perfect tool for any professional detailer or serious detailing enthusiast!

Paint defects are like fingerprints in that no two are the same. Each and every car you work on is going to be a unique and different experience. It is for this reason that you need to be able to accurately see exactly what you are dealing with when you are detailing. The best way to detect defects in a car’s paint is to shine a focus and bright light on the surface. This light will reflect off the ridges of the paint defects and reveal what was previously hidden to the human eye. While it is true that one could use direct sunlight to reveal these imperfection, direct sunlight is not available at all times and all locations. The SCANGRIP Multimatch II allows you to take the defect-finding power of the Sun with you anytime and anywhere!

Because all defects, paint types, and paint colors react to light differently, any defect-finding light needs to be flexible enough to tackle an array of different needs. The SCANGRIP Multimatch II has 5 different adjustable settings that vary in brightness and correlated color temperature (CCT) that will allow you to perfect adjust your light to fit your needs. The brightness of the SCANGRIP Multimatch II can be adjusted anywhere from 220 lm to 2500 lm, meaning you will always have the perfect level of brightness at a moment’s notice. The CCT of the SCANGRIP Multimatch II can be adjusted from 4500K to 6500K to make sure you always have the exact kind of lighting you need for your detailing!

Because most detailing jobs can take quite a while, the SCANGRIP Multimatch II was designed to have a battery life of up to 14 hours! If even that isn’t long enough to fit your detailing needs, you can always plug in the charging cord for continuous light. The battery of the SCANGRIP Multimatch II can be fully recharged in just 3 hours, making any potential down time as minimal as possible.

Body shops and detailing shops tend to be quite busy and create quite a lot of potential for damaged tools. This is why the SCANGRIP Multimatch II was designed with a durable casing that boasts an Impact Protection rating of IK07 that will be able to handle any drops you’re likely to face in your detailing shop. Additionally, SCANGRIP Multimatch II has a curved body that will protect the lens from ever hitting the ground in the event of a fall. With an Ingress Protection rating of IP67, SCANGRIP Multimatch II is resistant to any dust and water it may be exposed too!

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