SONAX Spray + Seal

You’ve never used a sealant faster than this one!

SONAX Spray + Seal is a revolutionary protective product that will allow you to apply a sealant to your car faster than 99% of every other sealant on the market today! SONAX Spray + Seal can be applied to your car’s paint in just five minutes during your weekly maintenance wash. All SONAX Spray + Seal requires for application is to be sprayed onto the surface you are protecting and rinsing it off, no applicators for curing required! SONAX Spray + Seal will effortlessly protect your paint from common road contaminants such as road grime, dirt, and other surface contaminants. SONAX Spray + Seal will also greatly reduce the risk of water spots occurring on your paint due to the hydrophobic qualities it applies to your paint, creating amazing water beading and sheeting potential. You can SONAX Spray + Seal on more than just paint; whether it’s your paint, plastic, seals, door jambs, or vehicle seams you can protect it using SONAX Spray + Seal.

The only thing more important to a detailer than their vehicle is their time. While people who have a passion for detailing may enjoy themselves while they diligently work to carefully apply an even layer of wax or sealant to their car, they are still wishing the whole time that they were able to get the whole job done much faster. The technology that goes into the detailing product available to us has been steadily evolving and SONAX Spray + Seal is a revolutionary leap forward in the advancements of detailing protective products.SONAX Spray + Seal is a high-quality sealant that can be applied simply by spraying it on your paint and rinsing it off. In as short as 5 minutes, you could have your entire vehicle sealed and road ready when you use SONAX Spray + Seal. This incredibly convenient application process will allow you to cut your detailing time drastically!

Long-lasting protection from SONAX Spray + Seal is as easy as: Rinse, Spray, Rinse, Dry!

Your paint is constantly at high risk of extremely dangerous contaminants and environmental hazards that threaten to rob your paint of the luster you have put so much time into cultivating. You need to provide you paint with a desperately needed level of protection that will prevent these dangers from having the chance to ruin your immaculate paint. SONAX Spray + Seal will allow you to protect your paint from dangerous elements such as road grime, dirt, and other surface contaminants. This will ensure that your paint is always safeguarded against the endless assault of contaminants that seek to destroy it.

Water resting on your car’s surface is not only an annoyance that ruins the shine on your paint, it also has the potential to instill quite a bit of damage to your paint. Resting water can cause water spots, which contain minerals that will gradually etch their way into your clear coat and cause irreparable damage. SONAX Spray + Seal greatly reduces the threat of water spots by providing a durable, and most importantly, hydrophobic layer of protection over your car’s surface. This hydrophobic layer will cause water to bead and sheet off your car, meaning it never gets the chance to etch water spots into your paint.

1. Wash and rinse your vehicle thoroughly.
2. Shake SONAX Spray + Seal well and turn the nozzle to “Open”
3. Apply roughly 4-6 pumps of SONAX Spray + Seal onto the wet surface of the vehicle, working in 4 square foot sections.
4. Immediately rinse the surface of your vehicle thoroughly with plenty of clean water and dry the vehicle completely. If there is any residue remaining on the surface, gentle buff it away with a microfiber towel.

750 ml.


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