RimSavers Rim & Wheel Protection

RimSavers Rim & Wheel Protection

For maximum wheel and rim protection!

RimSavers are a durable and lightweight barrier designed to protect your wheels and rims from the dreaded “curb rash”. Constructed using a lightweight and durable material, RimSavers make for a very easy DIY project, while still providing ultimate protection. Each RimSaver has a guide “lip” on the top side of the blade that offers easier installation and extra protection. Each RimSavers kit includes 4 cut strips that fit up to a 24” wheel – they’re fully customizable for you! 

Imagine – you’ve just spent over $1,400 on brand new Black KMC XD Series XD831 wheels, you’re driving around town showing them off and you accidentally clip a high curb, scratching up your wheels’ finish. What do you do? After a few choice words, you’d probably start the process of getting them repaired and refinish. BUT, if you had RimSavers installed on your wheels, this wouldn’t be an issue!

RimSavers are a thin strip of protective material that you fit around the lip of your wheels’ rim. This strip absorbs the scratching that is most often caused by errant curbs, saving your rims’ finish. Hence the name, RimSavers! They adhere to your rim using a very high bond tape that will not warp or degrade when exposed to high temperatures.

RimSavers fit perfectly on the lip of your rim for a complete hold on your wheels!

RimSavers can be installed WITHOUT the removal of the wheel and can easily be installed by anyone – no professional experience required! In addition to providing protection to your wheels, RimSavers add that extra aesthetic touch as well. Do you have red paint and black wheels? Try the RED RimSavers for a nice accent. Black paint with silver wheels? Go for the BLACK RimSavers! Whatever color combination you choose, RimSavers will add a subtle increase in appearance.

Each RimSavers kit includes four (4) cut strips that can fit up to a 24” wheel, cleaning wipes and adhesive primer wipes to ensure a long and lasting bond to the alloy wheel surface, and joining clips and glue to finish the installation.

RimSavers area available in the following colors:

Keep your wheels and rims protected from the unexpected clipping of curbs with RimSavers!

Check out the full installation instruction PDF HERE or watch the video below!


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