Griots Garage Ultimate Car Wash Bucket with Lid & Casters

The car wash bucket you never knew existed!

Griots Garage Ultimate Car Wash Bucket is proof that not all buckets are created equal. This masterpiece of thoughtful engineering is designed and constructed so well it almost doesn’t feel right calling it a bucket, something that is normally cheap and used for projects around the house. This must-have detailing accessory was designed from the ground up to be the hands-down ultimate car wash bucket, bar none. A lower grill allows heavy grit to sink to the bottom where it can’t contaminate your Wash Mitt. An upper grill holds your wash tools. Genius!

The Ultimate Wash Bucket has a built in measuring cup for your car wash soap!

Built-in measuring cup ensures you never use too much or too little Car Wash!
The lower grid traps dirt particles, while the upper grid is perfect for storing brushes

The lower grid traps dirt particles; the upper grid is perfect for holding wash mitts and wheel brushes

Repeat after me: 6 gallons of water. No, that’s not a typo! The Ultimate Car Wash Bucket by Griot’s Garage holds a massive 6 GALLONS of water! Never again will you have to reload your wash bucket with water and soap halfway through your routine wash.

There are several reasons why the Ultimate Wash Bucket will quickly become your most valuable detailing tool. First and fore most, a lower grill allows heavy grit to sink to the bottom where it can’t contaminate your Wash Mitt. An upper grill holds your wash tools. Last, but certainly not least, a molded-in measuring cup(patented design) allows you to dispense the perfect amount of Car Wash. Unbelievable!

The Ultimate Wash Bucket sold at Autogeek is packaged with 2” casters to make it easy to roll around your driveway. We also include a snap-on lid, perfect for storing your supplies in the bucket after you wash the vehicle.

The Ultimate Wash Bucket is 19” wide, 9” across and a generous 9” deep. It’s so big you can even use one of our Montana Boar’s Hair Car Wash Brushes with it!

Enjoy the absolute best!

Drying Tips

1. Dry the windows and mirrors first. A series of careful firm strokes with your California Water Blade will remove any remaining water.

2. Use the large The Supreme Guzzler to remove the majority of water from your vehicle. This towel measures 20”x 40” and it absorbs seven times its own weight in moisture. Go back over the vehicle with a smaller towel, like the The Guzzler(16”x 24”) to catch any water the large towel may have missed. This quick two-step process will leave your vehicle bone-dry and ready for wax.


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