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Rupes 150 mm (6 Inch) Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad, 2 Pack New & Improved!

RUPES New & Improved 150 mm (6 Inch) Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad features:

  • An improved performance thanks to an all new material developed in house by RUPES
  • Better cutting and finishing capabilities
  • Increased durability thanks to the 1-piece (glue free!) designed backing

Rupes Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad is designed for removing heavy swirl marks, oxidation, scratches, water spots, and sanding marks from all paint systems. The Rupes Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad features a short and dense microfiber pile and is perfect for use with heavy cutting Rupes Big Foot Polishing Compound, like Zephir Gloss or Quarz Gloss. The special microfiber material allows for the true correction power of the product used.

The 6 inch pad is perfect for use with the Rupes LHR 12E Duetto or Rupes LHR 15ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher.


Vapor Chief Steam Cleaners

Owned and operated by a former detailer with years of experience using steam cleaning in the detailing world, Vapor Chief Steam Cleaners have been developed based on personal use. Vapor Chief knows the technology so well, they dictated exactly how they wanted their machines to perform, and they certainly do deliver! With customers in detailing, supermarket chains, hotels, restaurants, and schools, Vapor Chief has earned the trust of those who use it most!

All of Vapor Chief’s steamers use an external coil, which protects against degradation, includes a full accessory package, lifetime boiler warranties, lifetime heater warranties, a 3 year internal parts warranty, plus tons of other amazing features. When you need to step up the quality, effectiveness, and sustainability of your interior and exterior details, Vapor Chief is just what you need!





Merino Wool MonsterMitt – Blue

For a Monster wash!

Merino Wool MonsterMitts, manufactured using only the finest Merino wool and available in two rocking colors, gently and safely wash your car of all dirt, dust, mud, road grime, and more! The extra long hairs, ranging anywhere from 2 to 3 inches, pulls dirt away from your car and stores them deep in the mitt, to avoid dragging the contaminants across the paint. Merino Wool MonsterMitts perform exceptionally well with high foaming shampoos and bring another level of luxury to your wash!

Microfiber may be the leading car wash mitt material out there but there’s just something otherworldly about using a genuine Merino wool mitt to wash your car. The amount of suds this mitt can hang onto are one-of-a-kind and they will easily lubricate and clean your car’s entire surface!

Merino Wool MonsterMitts are available in two colors to help you differentiate their use. You wouldn’t want to use your Blue Merino Wool MonsterMitt on both your paint and your dirty wheels, right? Well that’s what the Pink Merino Wool MonsterMitt is for, and vice versa! Completely avoid any washing instilled swirls and scratches that comes with cross-contamination.

The Merino Wool MonsterMitts holds onto tons of suds for a completely safe car wash!

When you wash your paint, you expect it to be clean after, right? Not a swirled-out mess! That’s why you need a safe and effective wash mitt, not one that will hold onto that dirt and just smear it around. Merino Wool MonsterMitts will hold onto that scratchy dirt in the long fibers and keeps it off your paint!

Merino Wool MonsterMitt measures approximately 7 x 8 inches and features an elastic band sewn onto the bottom for an easier grip.


Hunziker T-Shirts & Casual Driving Shoes

Hunziker Apparel – fueled by passion!

Hunziker continues to establish themselves as the vintage motoring inspired lifestyle brand. Steeped in authenticity, they bring period correct design touches to a contemporary world. Established by Heather Norwood and Nicolas Hunziker, the roots of Hunziker Design are found in the original paintings of Nicolas Hunziker.

While the original Hunziker paints continue to grace the walls of some of the most famous car museums, private car collections, and corporate headquarters in the world. Hunziker Design aims to bring the same artwork to a wider audience. What started out as a small collection of a handful of art t-shirts, has quickly evolved into a juggernaut of official license apparel, art prints, and accessories.

No matter the project or product, the unique Hunziker DNA is always within reach, combining art, style, speed and the fumes of motor sport!