Chrome Detailing Towel Cart

Your next must-have garage accessory!

Designed to make your detail quicker (and keep your garage tidier!) the Chrome Detailing Towel Cart is manufactured using powder-coated heavy steel tubing, polyurethane casters, and is adorned an air-cushioned bumper around the lid making it paint safe and ready for action! Keep your microfiber towels close during a detail, and when you’re done, throw them all in the Chrome Detailing Towel Cart and wheel them right over to the washing machine! The Chrome Detailing Towel Cart keeps you and your microfiber towels tidy and organized!

Wheel your microfiber towels all around your garage – and never worry if they’ve dropped to the floor!

You’ve probably seen this cart before – in the laundromat! And that’s exactly where the idea for microfiber towel use came from. We all know that tossing your microfiber towels on the floor before/during/after use a big no-no but sometimes there just isn’t enough room on a detail cart or even a workshop table to hold them all. You’ve already got your detailing products scattered everywhere, cords running around the vehicle, buckets with water etc., etc.! You don’t want to clutter is up even more with rogue microfiber towels!

The Chrome Detailing Towel Cart is already being used in detailing shop across the country. At the end of a long day in the shop, don’t be surprised if you see a couple of the Chrome Detailing Towel Carts full with all of the spent microfiber towels used during the day! The convenient polyurethane wheels with locking casters (no runaway carts here!), make it easy to wheel around and keep close.

The air-cushioned bumper that runs along the lip of the Chrome Detailing Towel Cart prevents dents and dings if the cart does happen to careen toward your paint and the fully welded 7/8” heavy steel tubing are protected against breakage – this cart will last the long-haul!

The Chrome Detailing Towel Cart is a welcome addition to any professional or personal detailing garage. Use it to keep your garage organized, keep your microfiber towels separated from the rest of your washables, and for a more efficient detail!

Use the top of the Chrome Detailing Towel Cart for your extra microfiber towels, and the bottom rack for the transportation of your polishers and other detailing tools!

Dimensions: 26.75”L x 22”W x 11”D x 33.5”H
Weight: 30 lbs.
Some assembly required.


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