Dr. Beasley’s Car Care NOW IN STOCK

Your detailing prescription!

Dr. Beasley’s Car Care is an extensive line of car care products made for detailers BY detailers! The president and founder of Dr. Beasley’s, Jim Lafeber, started his detailing shop in Chicago using the best car care products available at the time. He quickly realized that the harsh car wash soaps and greasy leather conditioner were not going to cut it in his shop, and set out to design a line of car care products that would revolutionize the detailing world. After much trial and error, the Dr. Beasley’s Car Care line was formed.

Dr. Beasley’s handcrafted formulas use pharmaceutical grade ingredients that lead to unparalleled results and shine. With everything from simple car wash shampoos to advanced nano-resin paint coatings, Dr. Beasley’s has something for every level of detailing. A definite fan favorite, Dr. Beasley’s Car Care line adds a new level of car care to the Autogeek product catalogue.

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