Griots Garage BOSS AIR Micro Rotary Polisher In Stock!

For a more precise and hyper-focused detail.

If you have ever had a hard time polishing super small areas and intricate panels, the Griots Garage BOSS AIR Micro Rotary Polisher is the tool you have been searching for. Using advanced pneumatic power technology this polishing tool delivers fast and precise detailing. The powerful motor provide high-torque rotation for consistent paint polishing and features an integrated power throttle for more control. Featuring both a 2 inch and a 3 inch backing plate, Griots Garage BOSS Air Micro Rotary Polisher allows you to fully detail every inch of your car.

Thanks to the new body designs many car manufacturers are rolling out these days, detailers are finding it harder and harder to ensure every inch of paint on their or their customer’s car is polished to perfection. Painted panel in between grills, windows, even shallow dips in hood designs all make it harder to use a polisher on your paint. Thankfully, Griots Garage is keeping up with this trend and providing the necessary tools.

The longer neck (constructed using a heavy duty metal) design, especially when used with the 2 or 3 inch backing plate and pads, allows the user to reach areas that have previously never before seen the surface of a polishing pad.

Featuring a low 3cfm air consumption @90 psi, Griots Garage BOSS AIR Micro Rotary Polisher does not require a high-tech detail shop to be used to its fullest potential. This lightweight tool is easy to use and delivers more power than you would image such a small machine delivering.

Griots Garage BOSS AIR Micro Rotary Polisher frequently asked questions:
Q: What is the optimal speed setting for this machine?
A: For optimal paint correction or defect removal, it is best not to exceed 2,500 RPMs. You can set the speed control on the top of the handle using a flat screwdriver.

Use Griots Garage BOSS AIR Micro Rotary Polisher to perfect small painted panels..

..and the area around decals with ease!

Q: What paint care products will delivery paint perfection when using this tool?
A: While the BOSS Creams were originally designed for dual action use, thanks to the small rotary footprint left behind by the Griots Garage BOSS AIR Micro Rotary Polisher, they perform excellently with this machine as well.

Q: What buffing pads are recommended for use with this tool?
A: Griots Garage BOSS AIR Micro Rotary Polisher performs admirably with all Griots Garage 3 and 4 inch pads. For your most aggressive correcting needs, use a Griots Garage 3 inch Microfiber Pad. For less aggressive correcting, Griot’s Garage foam pads are perfect.

Griots Garage BOSS Air Micro Rotary Polisher comes with a 2 and a 3 inch backing plate, and a wrench for backing plate application and removal.

Technical Specifications:
Pad Size: 2” Backing Plate and 3” Backing Plate (included)
Free Speed RPM: 0 – 3,500 +/- 10%
Max RMP: 3,850
Weight: 2.2 lbs

Griots Garage Lifetime Warranty – Griot’s Garage will repair or replace any defective tool, without charge, due to faulty materials or workmanship for the working life of the tool, subject to exclusions.

Two Year Comprehensive Warranty – With online warranty registration, Griot’s Garage will facilitate replacement of worn parts caused by normal use, without charge, anytime during the two year from date of purchase.

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