Leather Master Stay Bright Kit

Keep your lights bright!

Leather Master Stay Bright Kit is a collection of Leather Master products, developed by Dr. Tork laboratories, designed to both clean and protect your light colored leather products. Use Leather Master Stay Bright Kit on your leather seats, clothing, shoes, and any other leather surface you think could need it! Leather Master Stay Bright Kit will keep your light leather as bright as it was when you got it!

Light colored leather is a luxury that can also be known as “your second full time job”! Every time you so much as glance at a light colored leather, a new stain or smudge seems to appear. And boy, do those stains and smudges stand out like you wouldn’t believe! It almost gets to the point of not wanting to sit on those beautiful leather seats because you know you’re going to have to clean them all over again as soon as you get up!

Dye transfer from your blue-jeans, ink transfer from newspapers and pocket-pens, shoe polish, lipstick, chewing gum, even permanent markers are all everyday stains that can afflict your light colored leather.Using the Leather Master Stay Bright Kit will remove those stains, and protect against future assaults!

As always, keeping something clean and protected is easier from the beginning, but with the Leather Master Stay Bright Kit you can go back to older leather and clean and almost restore to new! The included Colour Transfer Remover gets the stain out, the Leather Cleaner removes general soiling such as dirt and smudges, and the Leather Barrier protects against future stains on your light colored leather.

Keep your light colored leather surfaces clean and bright for life with the Leather Master Stay Bright Kit!

  • Kit includes:
  • 125 ml. Colour Transfer Remover
  • 225 ml. Leather Cleaner
  • 225 ml. Leather Barrier
  • 2 Soft Cloths
  • 1 Sponge
  • 1 Instructions Brochure

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