CarPro Inside Leather & Interior Cleaner

Cleans any interior surface you need it to!

CarPro Inside Leather & Interior Cleaner is a multi-purpose interior cleaner with advanced organic cleaners for both gentle and strong cleaning, dilution capabilities, and a mix of surfactants and detergents that promote foaming. CarPro Inside Leather & Interior Cleaner will remove dirt, sweat, built up body oils, dried sunblock and other lotions, and all other manners of interior soiling on all interior surfaces!

CarPro Inside Leather & Interior Cleaner sets itself apart from other interior cleaners by using organic cleaning solutions combined with gentle detergents. This creates a high foaming formula capable of cleaning heavily soiled areas with little to no effort on your part. This foamy result promotes slow dripping, giving you more time to work without worrying that the product is dripping all over the place.

CarPro Inside leather & Interior Cleaner is safe to use on all interior surfaces including, but not limited to, finished leather, plastic, vinyl, wood trim, rubber mats, seatbelts, and carpets. You won’t have to worry about switching products in the middle of a detail because your product isn’t compatible with a certain surface!

CarPro Inside Leather & Interior Cleaner can be diluted for light cleaning, or used at full strength to really get in deep and remove contaminants. Dilute CarPro Inside Leather & Interior Cleaner 1:1 for simple cleanings. The fresh and light lemon scent fills the car with a just detailed and clean feeling.

Cleaning the interior of your car doesn’t have to be a chore! Use CarPro Inside Leather & Interior Cleaner for an easy and effective interior job.

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  1. I did testing with CarPro Inside. Because of the price, I’m not sure I would use for “everything” interior, however on leather I would absolutely. I used CarPro Inside full strength and it was great. I then diluted it one to one which is okay according to the directions and it also cleaned up dirty leather very well. If I was able to post 50/50 pictures of the work I did, it would show what I good cleaning product this is.

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