McKee’s RV Final Step Detail Wax

Cleans, shines and protects in one step!

McKee’s RV Final Step Detail Wax is a spray-on cleaner and wax in one! The slippery polymers found in Final Step Detail Wax encapsulate dirt particles, allowing them to safely be removed without scratching delicate finishes. Final Step Detail Wax features high-grade carnauba wax that adds UV protection to combat cracking and fading. Use Final Step Detail Wax on gel coat, paint, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, decals, windows, countertops, appliances, and any other hard surface on or in your RV.

Final Step Detail Wax is without a doubt the product you will use most to care for your RV. Use it once and you will understand why: not only does Final Step Detail Wax clean, shine and protect ALL hard surfaces on the inside and outside of your RV, it’s a pleasure to apply and remove. Final Step Detail Wax does not streak or smear, and it buffs off without creating any additional work for you. Treated surfaces will be left glossy, slick, and well protected.

McKee RV Final Step Detail Wax cleans and shines all exterior surfaces

Use to clean and shine all exterior surfaces!

You didn’t purchase your RV to spend all day cleaning it, which is why we developed McKee’s RV Final Step Detail Wax as a product that requires no thinking to use. Spray, wipe and buff – that’s all it takes to clean and shine your RV’s gel coat, fiberglass, painted finishes, wheels, glass, countertops, shower, chrome, decals, appliances, sinks and any other surface in or around your RV.

Your RV’s exterior is under constant attack from the likes of bird droppings, accidental fuel spills, road grime, oil and many other other contaminants that plague an RV from everyday use. To keep your RV’s exterior surfaces looking new, it’s important that you remove said contaminants as quickly as possible. We know how tempting it is to use the squeegee at the truck stop, but who knows what the previous guy used it for?! Clean and shine your RV the quick, easy, and proper way with McKee’s RV Final Step Detail Wax.

32 oz.

Made in USA


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