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McKee’s RV Final Step Detail Wax

Cleans, shines and protects in one step!

McKee’s RV Final Step Detail Wax is a spray-on cleaner and wax in one! The slippery polymers found in Final Step Detail Wax encapsulate dirt particles, allowing them to safely be removed without scratching delicate finishes. Final Step Detail Wax features high-grade carnauba wax that adds UV protection to combat cracking and fading. Use Final Step Detail Wax on gel coat, paint, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, decals, windows, countertops, appliances, and any other hard surface on or in your RV.

Final Step Detail Wax is without a doubt the product you will use most to care for your RV. Use it once and you will understand why: not only does Final Step Detail Wax clean, shine and protect ALL hard surfaces on the inside and outside of your RV, it’s a pleasure to apply and remove. Final Step Detail Wax does not streak or smear, and it buffs off without creating any additional work for you. Treated surfaces will be left glossy, slick, and well protected.

McKee RV Final Step Detail Wax cleans and shines all exterior surfaces

Use to clean and shine all exterior surfaces!

You didn’t purchase your RV to spend all day cleaning it, which is why we developed McKee’s RV Final Step Detail Wax as a product that requires no thinking to use. Spray, wipe and buff – that’s all it takes to clean and shine your RV’s gel coat, fiberglass, painted finishes, wheels, glass, countertops, shower, chrome, decals, appliances, sinks and any other surface in or around your RV.

Your RV’s exterior is under constant attack from the likes of bird droppings, accidental fuel spills, road grime, oil and many other other contaminants that plague an RV from everyday use. To keep your RV’s exterior surfaces looking new, it’s important that you remove said contaminants as quickly as possible. We know how tempting it is to use the squeegee at the truck stop, but who knows what the previous guy used it for?! Clean and shine your RV the quick, easy, and proper way with McKee’s RV Final Step Detail Wax.

32 oz.

Made in USA


***NEW*** McKee’s RV Waxes, Cleaners & Polishes

McKee's RV

A message from Bob McKee, owner and founder of McKee’s RV

You might be surprised to learn that McKee’s RV, my latest venture into the world of surface care enhancement products, was conceived after I purchased my first – and only at this point – RV. I never planned to own an RV – my passion has always been boating – but there’s just something about a road trip that I’ve always found relaxing. Now that the kids have graduated college and are busy enjoying lives of their own, I began to look for a new hobby, something that would take my wife and I to parts of the country that are unreachable by boat. We’ve always been fond of traveling, but I dislike flying. It’s not that I’m afraid; I just don’t like the chaos of the airport or the confinement of an airplane. So I bought an RV.

As the proud owner of some of the most well-known automotive and marine brands, including Pinnacle Natural Brilliance, Wolfgang Car Care and Marine 31 – just to name a few – I know a thing or two about surface care enhancement. When I purchased my Newmar RV, I was surprised to see how few surface-specific RV products were available. When I bought a boat, I introduced a line of boat care products. It was only natural to do the same when I purchased my RV!

McKee's RV

Here’s the deal: There are A LOT of products that are marketed for boats and RVs – dual purpose products as I like to call them. As an RV owner, I didn’t want to purchase a bottle of wax for my RV that had a picture of a boat on the bottle. It just didn’t make sense to me, plus RV’s have specific needs of their own. The answer was simple: develop my very own line of RV products. I assigned my chemists the task of developing an RV-specific line of waxes, cleaners, and polishes.

I was surprised to discover that my latest undertaking would be so much work, and I was also surprised at just how much fun I would have developing the entire line, from the strawberry-scented wash and wax RV shampoo to the hugely capable RV black streak remover. I thought it would be a walk in the park, but there are a lot of great RV products on the market. It was my goal, or mission as my senior chemist likes to call it, to make my line of RV products superior to anything else available. What my team and I developed is so good I decided to put my name on it. Enter McKee’s RV.

McKee’s RV is great product line, and I know you’ll feel the same. I have the best RV black streak remover, RV oxidation cleaner, RV water spot remover and – my favorite – RV polish and wax money can buy. I have personally tested each and every product on my Newmar RV, and once you do too you will agree – McKee’s RV is the best line of RV care products available.



DP Hi-Intensity APC & Kwazar HD Combo

Blast away engine and wheel well grime!

DP Hi-Intensity APC & Kwazar HD Combo was designed to get into the deep, hard to reach areas that often never see the light of day (or wash mitt!). Use the Kwazar Venus Super Compression Sprayer Pro to spray DP Hi-Intensity All Purpose Cleaner Plus as far as 2 feet! Then use a long handled brush to reach and scrub those hidden areas. The undercarriage of your car will never be cleaner!

DP Hi-Intensity APC Plus dilutes to your exact specifications, making cleaning any surface easier than ever. Detailing a neglected engine? Dilute DP Hi-Intensity APC Plus 4:1 for ultimate cleaning action. Detailing an interior that isn’t so bad? Dilute DP Hi-Intensity APC Plus 10:1 for gentle, yet effective, cleaning power.

Combo includes:

128 oz. DP Hi-Intensity All Purpose Cleaner Plus
Use DP Hi-Intensity All Purpose Cleaner Plus to clean virtually any automotive surface! Hi-Intensity All Purpose Cleaner Plus cleans vinyl and plastic interior surfaces, carpet and upholstery, tires, engines, leather, clear and colored plastics, and glass. DP Hi-Intensity All Purpose Cleaner Plus can be diluted to tackle any job; one gallon of APC will make up to 11 gallons of ready-to-use all purpose cleaner! DP Hi-Intensity All Purpose Cleaner Plus makes it possible to clean every surface with a single product.
Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer
The Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer is a chemical resistant pressure sprayer designed with the toughest chemicals in mind. Constructed of a thick, durable plastic the Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer isn’t likely to break down on you. Viton seals and a polyamide material are used in the pump design, ensuring the life of your Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer lasts as long as you need it.
6 pack Grey All Purpose Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches
The most recent addition to my collection is these All Purpose Microfiber Towels. Priced right, they are my workhorse towels. They’re great for general cleaning, polishing, drying wheels, and other jobs that I wouldn’t want to use my Miracle Towels for. I reserve those for buffing, drying the paint, and cleaning the glass. I use the All-Purpose Towels for everything else! These All Purpose Microfiber Towels are safe on glass, paint, clear coat, and any other surface. For general cleaning in and around your garage and vehicle, you can’t beat the value


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