Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Paint Sealant Review

Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Paint Sealant Review


This week I reviewed a new pure sealant from a small UK company specializing in high quality hand-made car care products – Dodo Juice. They call it “Iron Gloss Paint Sealant” because of it’s long lasting durability. After preparing the paint with Dodo Juice Lime Prime (w/ abrasives) with a Pink CCS Pad on a Flex 3401 DA Polisher, I grabbed a 100 ml bottle of Iron Gloss Paint Sealant.

Iron Gloss
Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Paint Sealant


It does have a chemical smell which is not common with Dodo Juice products. Their products usually have fruity and pleasant aromas. I even think their Purple Haze wax smells like a Tootsie Roll Lollipop. 🙂

Application couldn’t of been easier. The product spread out thin and even. I was able to apply Iron Gloss Paint Sealant to the entire vehicle before performing a “swipe test” to check if the product had dried to a haze.

I allowed the sealant to cure to the paint longer than I normally do. 45 Minutes later I began to remove the sealant residue. Here are some pics of the results…

Iron Gloss Paint Sealant Rear Solstice


Sun Shots:

Pontiac Solstice Iron Gloss Paint Sealant


Silver doesn’t usually look this glossy 🙂

Iron Gloss Paint Sealant


You can purchase Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Paint Sealant here:

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