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Nanoskin Smooth Instant Detail Spray

Nanoskin Smooth

Originally, did not carry the Nanoskin Smooth Instant Detail Spray individually. This product was initially only sold in the Nanoskin Brilliant Shine Autoscrub Kit. After several customers had great results with the Nanoskin Brilliant Shine Autoscrub Kit we started to see high demand to carry the quick detailer included in this kit individually.

After hearing such high demand, began selling the Nanoskin Smooth Instant Detail Spray separately. Now this product can be purchased here:

I had to see for myself what all the positive feedback was about, so I grabbed a bottle and decided to use it with the new Duragloss Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloth.

Duragloss Polishing Cloth

I’ve used this SUPER Plush Microfiber Towel before and it’s turning into one of my favorite microfiber towels for Quick Detailers and Waterless/Rinseless Washes.

The first thing I noticed about the Nanoskin Instant Detail Spray is the smell. I asked a few of my friends and we came to conclusion that this Quick Detailer smells like Grape Flinstone Vitamins! Everyone loved the smell. The next thing I noticed was the high level of lubricity. As I ran the Duragloss towel across my paint, the detailer never felt “grabby”; so inducing swirl marks or light scratches into my paint was never a concern. The detailer was never difficult to remove or smeared.

After applying the detailer, I stepped back and was amazed at the level of gloss. The last product I applied to my red paint was Dodo Juice – Bouncer’s 22 Wax and my motorcycle looked great. After a thorough inspection, no swirl marks were induced.

Then I checked the price! Only $9.99 for a 16oz spray bottle! This product easily outperformed the price. Then I checked the price for a gallon: $24.99!!! $24.99 for a 128oz bottle!

I highly recommend checking out the Nanoskin Smooth Instant Detail Spray!



Prima Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer


Prima Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer is a modified version of one of Prima’s most popular products, Hydro Seal Paint Sealant. Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer contains the most concentrated blend of gloss-intensive polymers in any Prima car care product. Vehicles treated with Prima Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer will retain incredible levels of gloss and slickness, month after month. Best of all, application is as simple as spraying on and wiping off!
Prima Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer is incredibly easy to apply – there’s no curing, rubbing or heavy buffing. Simply spray on and wipe off using a plush microfiber towel and you’ll be rewarded with a wet looking shine that lasts. Unlike a traditional spray on car wax or spray-on car paint sealant, Prima Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer provides long-term paint protection; a single application of Prima Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer lasts months, not weeks.

Prima Hydro Max Super Spray Polymer only takes minutes to apply! Walk out to your garage with a Prima Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer in one hand and a plush microfiber towel in the other and you’ll be equipped to blanket your vehicle in ultra-slick, high-gloss polymer protection.

Prima Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer can be applied to all non-porous surfaces. Use on glass, wheels, chrome, and virtually any other surface that benefits from added gloss, slickness and protection!

Maintain the gloss, slickness and protection of Hydro MAX Super Spray Polymer with Prima Slick Quick Detail Spray.

GTechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer

The nano-active coating that lasts.

Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer is a nano-active coating that cures to the paint finish to become the functional surface layer of the paint. This non-porous film stands between the elements and your vehicle’s finish, providing exceptional protection and gloss. Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer lasts up to 10 times longer than dealer-applied paint sealants and offers extreme gloss retention, scratch resistance, water and dirt repellency, UV protection, and self-cleaning action.


Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer is different than other coatings because it bonds so tightly that it actually becomes the functional surface of your vehicle’s paintwork. In fact, Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer lends part of its molecular structure to the surface molecules of the paint creating a covalent bond stronger than other sealants can even come close to forming.

The sub-micron crystalline film formed by Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer is rock hard, which helps to prevent marring and wash-induced swirl marks. Gtechniq extensively tested Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer against other waxes and sealants and found 50% less marring on C1 treated surfaces. In addition to reducing the risk of marring paint, Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer also repels water and dirt like no other, creating a surface that is much easier to keep clean.

Not convinced? The team at Gtechniq wanted to be sure of the effectiveness of this cutting edge technology, so they enlisted the help of the world’s most respected weathering facility in Arizona. After a simulated three year run in the punishing Arizona sun, Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer was proven to have the best gloss retention of any product tested. In fact, the Gtechniq panel lost only half as much gloss as its closest competitor and a third less than the average!

Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer will maintain the beauty of your paintwork with one simple application.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax

BlackIce Wax

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax is a synthesis of German-sourced, color-charged montan wax and genuine Brazilian carnauba wax designed to bestow a dimension of gloss on black and dark colors that mimics the appearance of wet paint.  Signature Wet Diamond Polymers provide exceptional resistance to UV rays and environmental contamination.  Hybrid formula combines the benefits of synthetic and natural ingredients to provide the utmost in paint protection, gloss and clarity. 

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax, known internally as “project 23” due to the 23 months of research and development put into its formulation, started as an idea but quickly transformed into an obsession; a fascination by one individual who refused to accept contentedness in any project he became involved in. This perfectionist’s life-long infatuation with the ultimate car wax led to the birth of BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax, a hybrid sealant wax tailored specifically for black and dark colored vehicles.

A core group of chemists at BLACKFIRE specialize in refining carnauba wax to its purest form, removing gloss-hindering impurities while making it exceptionally easy to work with; years of research and development spent on other BLACKFIRE car care products would not be wasted during the formulation of BlackICE.  It was imperative early on in the development of BlackICE that it utilize the finest raw and manmade ingredients the world has to offer, and that includes carnauba wax and another type of ultra-rare wax, known as montan wax.

Satisfying the fixation and exceeding the expectations set forth by one individual to create the perfect car wax for black cars meant going to opposite ends of the world.  BLACKFIRE BlackIce Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax is one of few waxes in the world that utilizes a high content of montan wax – a rare and costly wax sourced from Germany.  Montan wax, when processed and refined, is known for its darkening characteristics on black and other dark colors.  BLACKFIRE’s chemists pioneered a color-charging process to further enhance the paint-darkening effect of the montan wax formulated in BlackICE, creating what can only be described as mile-deep reflections on black and dark colored cars.

To ensure BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax was more than just another show-car wax that had durability measured in weeks instead of months, BLACKFIRE’s signature Wet Diamond Polymers were fused with the carnauba and montan wax formulation, reinforcing the already impressive protection provided by the duo.  BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax imparts a level of gloss worthy of a show-car and a level of paint-protection required for a daily driver. BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax will provide up to 5 months of paint protection on vehicles that have been properly clayed and polished first.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax is crafted by hand to meet the most stringent quality standards.  Each jar is visually inspected and random testing is performed to ensure no impurities in the carnauba and montan wax made it through the refining and blending process. BlackICE is packaged in a wooden box with the BLACKFIRE logo prominently displayed on the top.

История Успеха Роберта Кийосаки

История Успеха Роберта Кийосаки

Ещё один эксперимент может показать несостоятельность теории Кийосаки. он выступил наставником-консультантом 3 человек в одной из телепередач. Однако эти люди потеряли столько же денег, сколько и было инвестировано. Ситуация приобрела большой общественный отклик. Интересно, что сначала шедевр финансового администрирования не хотел брать на реализацию ни один магазин.

Не обошлось и без проигранных судебных процессов. Чего стоит скандальное разбирательство 2012 г. К такому делу пришлось прибегнуть маркетинговому агентству The Learningannex после тщетных попыток получить деньги за работу по продвижению книг Кийосаки и проведению активностей на эту тему. Долг так и «повис» в воздухе, а в августе 2012 г.

Выбыв из программы, он окончил three-дневные курсы по инвестициям в недвижимость, начал инвестировать, купив крошечную квартиру в кондоминиуме на острове Мауи. Представитель четвертого поколения японцев, переселившихся в Америку. Родился 8 апреля 1947 года в городе Хило, штат Гавайи, США. Либо (критиканы) они вообще ничего не поняли, что говорит, и о чем говорит Киосаки в своих книгах.

Развивать этот навык можно любыми способами, главное – постоянно работать над этим. Сам Роберт смог овладеть им во время своей службы в армии. Он отметил, что во времена финансового кризиса монетарный регулятор США включает «печатный станок» и заявил, что “профессора в ФРС — идиоты”.

Мой богатый папа называл правительственные деньги фейковыми. Но вся проблема заключается в том, что они же делают бедных и средний класс беднее. Чистая стоимость активов бизнесмена оценивается в 80 миллионов долларов США. После возвращения с войны в 1973 году поступил в Гавайский университет в Хило, но 2-х летнюю программу МВА он не окончил.

В своих тренингах Роберт Кийосаки также говорит о том, что развивать бизнес можно, используя заемные средства Необходимо только все продумать до самых мелочей и правильно вложить деньги, и тогда полученная прибыль будет не только покрывать кредит, но и приносить доход. Развивать бизнес стоит поэтапно, шаг за шагом, не перепрыгивая через важные моменты становления. К примеру, перед тем как заняться инвестированием, необходимо изучить все особенности и риски данного направления и потратить достаточно времени, чтобы научиться этому.

Основной целью Роберта при отборе необходимых акций является вычисление чистой стоимости и инвестиционной стоимости актива. Основная величина, которая его интересует – инвестиционная стоимость актива. Речь идет не о том, что можно получить от продажи актива, а о том какой доход можно выручить в будущем. Основное предпочтение на рынке ценных бумаг инвестор отдает обыкновенным акциям и бумагам с фиксированной ставкой дохода.

Аналитики прогнозируют, что такие масштабные меры приведут к сильной инфляции и могут усугубить кризис на финансовых рынках. В 1971 году президент США Ричард Никсон лишил американский доллар золотого обеспечения. В 1971 году американские доллары перестали быть настоящими деньгами.

Как говорится в одной из его книг – «Прежде всего, следует смотреть на ценность актива, а не на его цену». И если посмотреть на его успехи – работают они безукоризненно. Сегодня Роберт Тору Кийосаки занимается преимущественно недвижимостью и развитием мелких предприятий. Но рассматривая каждую следующую сделку, он неукоснительно следует своим правилам инвестирования.

И, только изучив все подводные камни, можно смело начинать действовать. Кийосаки авторитетно заявляет, что без навыка управлять людьми и умения вести их за собой, вы будете очень долго идти к своей цели и вряд ли сможете стать успешным.

Чета Кийосаки продавали ее, как и где получалось. Впервые пилот военной авиации (а чуть позже и торговый агент) открыл свой бизнес по производству нейлоновых кошельков в 30-летнем возрасте в 1977 г. Однако доходов затея по продаже «бумажников серфингиста» не принесла, напротив – всё закончилось банкротством.

Например, Citigroup предлагает два структурированных продукта привязанных к азиатской корзине валют, в то время как iShares (Малайзия) и iShares MSCI (Сингапур) предлагает инвестиции в этих же валютах. Говоря простым языком, он использует валюту лишь для хеджирования и не более. Кийосаки также призывает быть щедрыми и бескорыстно делиться знаниями, временем, деньгами и тогда удивительные законы жизни вернут вам с избытком ваши усилия и вложенные средства.

Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Paint Sealant Review

Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Paint Sealant Review


This week I reviewed a new pure sealant from a small UK company specializing in high quality hand-made car care products – Dodo Juice. They call it “Iron Gloss Paint Sealant” because of it’s long lasting durability. After preparing the paint with Dodo Juice Lime Prime (w/ abrasives) with a Pink CCS Pad on a Flex 3401 DA Polisher, I grabbed a 100 ml bottle of Iron Gloss Paint Sealant.

Iron Gloss
Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Paint Sealant


It does have a chemical smell which is not common with Dodo Juice products. Their products usually have fruity and pleasant aromas. I even think their Purple Haze wax smells like a Tootsie Roll Lollipop. 🙂

Application couldn’t of been easier. The product spread out thin and even. I was able to apply Iron Gloss Paint Sealant to the entire vehicle before performing a “swipe test” to check if the product had dried to a haze.

I allowed the sealant to cure to the paint longer than I normally do. 45 Minutes later I began to remove the sealant residue. Here are some pics of the results…

Iron Gloss Paint Sealant Rear Solstice


Sun Shots:

Pontiac Solstice Iron Gloss Paint Sealant


Silver doesn’t usually look this glossy 🙂

Iron Gloss Paint Sealant


You can purchase Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Paint Sealant here:

RUPES Big Foot Polishers! Now at Autogeek!


That’s right folks! Rupes polishers and accessories are now available at your favorite online car care store –!

We’ve brought in every product Rupes offers the U.S. market including the vaunted LHR 15ES and LHR 21ES “Big Foot” Random Orbital Polishers along with the pneumatic polishers, foam pads (all sizes!) and Rupes’ line of polishing compounds. We even have the Rupes Big Foot Polisher Bag and matching apron!

The Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polishing System consists of a line of electric and pneumatic car polishers along with foam pads and polishing compounds tailored specifically to the enthusiast and professional who demand the best finish possible. Rupes spent years fine-tuning this system by gathering information from users around the world, making sure each foam pad and polishing compound performed flawlessly on all paint systems when used with the Big Foot Random Orbital Polishers. The Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polishing System guarantees faster paint correction than any other system available without sacrificing finish quality.

At the heart of the Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polishing System lies the LHR 15ES and LHR 21ES Big Foot car polishers. These polishers get their name from their massive 15 and 21 millimeter throws. The throw of the machine indicates the size of the orbit the pad makes. Consider this: a conventional random orbital polisher has a throw between 4 and 8 millimeters. The advantage of a larger throw is that more surface area is being covered as you polish. This means you’ll be able to remove swirls, scratches, water spots and other paint defects in considerably less time.

The Rupes LHR 15ES and LHR 21ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polishers are the smoothest running random orbital polishers available. Like a fine Italian sports car, the Rupes LHR 15ES and LHR 21ES feature remarkable engineering and exquisite craftsmanship; the ergonomics along with fit and finish on the LHR 15ES and LHR 21ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher are superb.

Experience the Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polishing System for yourself and experience paint polishing like you never have with any other system.

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Казино На Реальные Деньги

Казино На Реальные Деньги

Проверьте тактику, грамотно распределите свой банкролл и уверенно двигайтесь к намеченной цели.

Казино Риобет Официальный Сайт

Казино Риобет Официальный Сайт

Возможность получить солидный куш во время удачного вращения барабанов предоставляет только платный вариант азарта.