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Prima Car Care Hydro Seal & Hydro Wash!

Prima Car Care is very proud to introduce their new Hydro Wash and Hydro Seal. These two new products, when used together, provide an easy to use two step system that preps and protects painted surfaces for months.

prima Hydro Wash - Car Wash

The first part of the protection process starts with the Hydro Wash. This unique formula shampoo contains no polymers and is designed to prep the paint for Hydro Seal. Hydro Wash produces a ton of suds and is very concentrated and is the ideal shampoo for routine up keep of the Hydro Seal.

Hydro Seal is a water activated polymer sealant that will protect and enhance the shine of painted surfaces for months, not weeks. Hydro Seal is also safe on exterior trim, it will not stain or discolor plastic or vinyl surfaces. The first thing you will notice about Hydro Seal is the unique application process, and the second thing you will notice, besides the superior shine and gloss that it provides, is the water beading wash after wash.


1. Start with 2 plush microfiber towels and a spray bottle of water.
2. Apply to a clean car, out of the direct sun.
3. Soak one plush microfiber towel with water then wring out excess water so towel is lightly damp. Fold it in fourths.
4. Spread a quarter-sized dollop on the wet towel.
5. Mist a section of paint with water.
6. Wipe Hydro Seal onto the paint until it begins to disappear. Any remaining Hydro Seal is immediately ready for removal.
7. Wipe any residue from the paint with your dry towel and continue to the next section.
8. Feel free to follow with original Hydro or add a layer of Hydro Seal.

Note that Prima Hydro Seal can be applied over Epic, Amigo or Hydro. The car should be wet-wiped after polishing (Finish, Swirl, Cut), prior to applying Hydro Seal.

Prima Hydro Wash

Prima Hydro Seal