Autogeek Flashback!

We’re getting in the time machine today! Anyone who came to our first Detail Fest may remember our small 2,000 sq. ft. space in an office complex. In looking through these pictures, I found a fun fact. The first Detail Fest was in December of 2005. There wasn’t one in 2006 because Max decided it should be held in Spring. The next one was in Spring of 2007 and they have been ever since.

You can see the Autogeek sign over the door. We also had the space to the right, but that was it!

These next photos are different views of the same office. Believe it or not, shortly after this photo was taken, a second desk was added to this room!

This was the warehouse – only about 1000 sq. ft., and we made use of every inch.

For comparison, this is our current warehouse….

Here is the back of our 2005 home. The first two garage doors were ours.

This is Autogeek’s current home. has grown a lot in the last six years. Many of our customers have been with us every step of the way (and we have the pictures to prove it!). We as a company are very fortunate to have customers who appreciate what we do and who tell us how we can do it better. It’s that relationship that helps Autogeek continue to improve and grow. Thank you!

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