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SEMA News! Matt Steele will be Autogeek's National Spokesperson

The Autogeek booth at the 2010 SEMA Show will be busting at the seams with some breaking industry news all week long! Since most of our forum members will not be in attendance, we are going to share some SEMA announcements here with you first!!!

So here is our first big SEMA Show announcement!? Matt Steele from Truck U on Speed TV has signed on to be be’s National Spokesperson!

Matt Steele joins Autogeek as spokesperson.

We are very excited to have Matt onboard with our Autogeek team to bring you the very best in car care! Matt will be teaming up with Mike Phillips on video projects, commercials, products information, and much more!

A little info about Matt Steele so you can see just how great of a colaboration this will be! Matt Steele is a co-host of TRUCK U along with Bruno Massel.

Matt Steele has been hosting motorsports events for the last 12 years?everything from local mud-bog races to Monster Jam events in front of sold out stadiums of 70,000 fans. In 2004, Matt Steele made the move to television as the Pit Reporter for SPEED’s Monster Jam. Over the years, Matt has worked closely with various production crews for live events and television, and released a full-length music CD in 2005.

Matt is also the host of the Trucks Gone Wild! Traveling the world to some of the great mud fest events!

So join us as we welcome Matt Steele to the family! We have some very exciting things in store for all of you, so as always keep your eye on us you never know what to expect next!

And for all of our loyal members you can see what a Matt Steele and the Autogeek union is going to look like!

Here is a Sneak Peak!

The Latest SEMA News

SEMA showThe Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) annual trade show in Las Vegas is next week, Nov. 2-5! The SEMA show is the auto industry’s premier trade show, where the biggest names in automotive care and aftermarket accessories come to introduce new products, see the newest trends in car care, and meet with the brightest minds in the business. The SEMA show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from more than 100 countries to the Las Vegas Convention Center every fall. Max and the Autogeek team have been preparing for months because this year will be our biggest-ever display. Autogeek has reserved 3 booths in the North Hall. Our SEMA schedule is packed with special guests and announcements.

High profile guests from the world of detailing and television will be joining us in the booths to talk detailing. The Speed Channel’s Matt Steele from TRUCK U and Trucks Gone Wild will be making a special announcement about his future plans with Autogeek.

SEMA show carMasters TV – the group behind Mothers Car Show, MotorHead Garage, Bidding Wars, Inside Drag Racing – will join us for their own big announcement concerning Autogeek!

Mike Phillips , host of Autogeek Show Car Garage, will be making his own announcement concerning his future with

Dennis Gage from My Classic Car will also be in our SEMA booth. Max is wearing a My Classic Car T-shirt today…wonder what he’s up to. We’ll find out at SEMA!

SEMA is where manufacturers debut new products to the rest of the industry and the world. We’re expecting exciting new product announcements from Meguiars and FLEX, among others.

Autogeek will have some news of our own to share. Be sure to follow us on, Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates from SEMA! All of these announcements at SEMA will be filmed by Autogeek’s own production team at SEMA. If you can’t attend you will get all the news right after SEMA from the Autogeek Pay-Per-View channel.

Coming this week to Autogeek: Leather Master!

Leather Master Leather Care productsAutogeek is the first U.S. retailer to carry the entire Auto Care Master line! Autogeek has been named the master distributor for the Leather Master Auto Care line. Merchandise will be available for retail and wholesale customers at the end of the week.

Leather Master is a line of premium leather care products developed in Italy by world renown scientist Dr. Leo Tork. Dr. Tork is one of the world’s foremost research scientists in the field of leather and natural home care products. His research has led to more than 100 patents. Prior to becoming the lead researcher at Uniter’s Research Centre in Italy, Dr. Tork was the Director of Research for leather products at the European conglomerate Bayer AG.

Dr Tork Today, Dr. Tork leads a team of scientists at Uniter’s Research Centre in Italy. Uniters is the company behind such innovative products as Leather Master, Textile Master, and Wood Master. Now they can add to their list of accomplishments Auto Care Master. Auto Care Master includes the same products as Leather Master but they have been appropriately labeled for automotive use. The same formulas that have been used and recommended in the fine home furnishing industry are now packaged specifically for auto and motorcycle use.

Leather Master products offer unbeatable care and protection for high use leathers, like car seats and motorcycle seats. Plus, Leather Master includes specialty products to deal with unique leather conditions, like ink stained leather or overly dry leather.

All Leather Master products are developed in Italy and packaged and shipped all over the world. The worldwide success of Leather Master and the respected expertise of Dr. Tork are testament to the effectiveness of Leather Master products. They’re not only effective, they’re practical for every car owner to use.

Leather Master products are based on a thorough understanding of the different types of leather. You’ll see that each product or kit states what types of leather it can be used on: aniline/noncoated leather or protected/coated leather. Always use the appropriate products for your vehicle’s leather.

Try Leather Master in your own vehicle to see how easy it is to maintain the beauty of leather seats when you have the right products.

Fall & Winter Car Care Checklist

It’s already October. Before you know it, you’ll be scraping ice off the windshield. Get prepared now before the snow and ice set in, so you won’t be left out in the cold.

Glass Care

MINI IceDozer Ice ScraperIt’s a little early for frost but you don’t want to be caught by surprise. Choose from Innovation Factory‘s unique snow and ice tools: the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper, the IceDozer Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper, and the SnowMover Personal Snowplow.

Ice scraping is easier when you use 1Z Einszett De-Icer Spray. It penetrates snow, ice, and frost so it can be easily scraped away.

Clean your windshield and prevent re-icing with 1Z Einszett Anti-Frost Washer Fluid. It works down to -20F!

Winter Washing

Nomad Portable Power CleanerWashing your vehicle is a challenge this time of year but Autogeek has some options to make it easier.

The Nomad 18 Volt Portable Power Cleaner is a cordless, rechargable car wash – minus the bucket and hose. The Nomad holds 3.5 gallons of water and has a high pressure sprayer. Rinse off road salt and mud any time, anywhere.

Another way to wash is DP Rinseless Wash & Gloss, a rinse-free car wash concentrate. No water hose is needed! Wash your vehicle inside the garage using just two gallons of water.

Paint Protection

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0What stands up to road salt, moisture, snow, and grime? Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 does with its anti-static polymer formula. One coat lasts up to 5 months.

Klasse All-In-One and High Gloss Sealant Glaze are a popular and extremely durable combination for winter paint protection. The tough acrylic coating lasts and lasts.

Fall Coverage

Specifically in the Fall, car covers are a great way to keep falling leaves and debris off your paint. Select a custom Covercraft Car Cover to suit your protection needs.Car Cover


WeatherTech No Drill Mud FlapsMinimize the amount of road salt and debris hitting the paint with WeatherTech No-Drill Mud Flaps. No drilling is requiped to install these sharp, custom-fitting mud flaps.

Interior Protection

WeatherTech Floorliners offer durable, full coverage protection for your vehicle’s carpet. These mats hold moisture, like snow and mud, and cover more area than traditional floor mats.

Garage Gear

Battery Tender PlusIf you travel during the winter, you must have a Battery Tender battery charger! A Battery Tender battery charger keeps your car battery fresh over long periods of inactivity, saving you the cost of battery replacement. The Battery Tender Plus is our most popular model and it’s also available in pink to benefit breast cancer research.

Visit out Winter Car Care section for more great cold weather products.

Rain! How to keep your windshield clear in wet weather.

It’s Fall at last! For many of you that means more rain showers. With daylight savings coming up, you may be driving to and from work in the dark. Many more chilly wet mornings are coming. You can’t change the weather but you can change how you prepare your vehicle for it. has many options to keep your windshield clean and clear, even in inclement weather.The Diamondite Glass Cleaning System leaves glass smooth and clear.

We highly recommend the Diamondite Glass Cleaning System Kit. You know how your windshield wipers skip over the glass and don’t really move much water? This kit solves that problem. Skipping or chattering wiper blades are caused by a dirty windshield. Dirt can become lodged in the glass, leaving the surface bumpy and gritty. An oily coating of exhaust film on the glass mixes with the rain to create a blurry mess on the windshield. The? Diamondite Glass Cleaning System Kit contains a glass cleaner to remove the oily film plus Spray Clay, a foam detailing clay, that removes the dirt that’s stuck in the glass. Lastly, Diamondite Shield creates a slick coating over the glass that allows water to bead and roll away. Your wipers glide over this coating and actually move the water. It’s like a new set of wipers! Try the Diamondite Glass Cleaning System Kit and the next time it rains, you’ll be so glad you used it.

Aquapel repels water and keeps glass clear.Another outstanding glass sealant is Aquapel Glass Treatment & Rain Repellant. The sealant is packaged in a single use applicator. One application lasts up to 6 months. You can find this service at detail shops but now you can get it at for a very small price. Aquapel creates a hydrophobic coating that repels water so it beads up and rolls away. The wipers just help it on its way. You’ll be able to see through your windshield in the rain, even in the dark. Aquapel reduces the glare from car lights and streetlights. The best news is that one application of Aquapel will last you through the entire rainy season!

This time of year, you find yourself using the heater because it’s colder outside, but then the interior windshield fogs up…then you’re trying to adjust the defrost. You need Glass Science Fog Clear. Fog Clear is a coating you apply to the interior windshield and windows. It dries clear. The coating absorbs moisture to eliminate condensation instantly. No more foggy windows.

One last tip: take care of your windshield wipers. People often don’t think about wipers until they’re worn out. You usually discover that during the season’s first big rain storm! Like the rest of your car, a little preventative maintenance will ensure your wipers function when you need them. Use 303 Wiper Treatment Wipes to recondition rubber wiper blades so they glide over the glass. Snow and ice will not stick to treated blades, so this is a product you will want to use all winter.

With a few inexpensive and easy-to-use glass care products, you’ll be able to maneuver this Fall weather safely. See more glass care products for all seasons at

Optimum Hyper Polishing System Kit

Optimum Hyper Polishing System Kit

Now you can get Optimum’s complete car polishing system in one convenient package. The Optimum Hyper Polishing System includes both Optimum Hyper Compound Spray and Optimum Hyper Polish Spray, plus Optimum’s wool pad and finishing pad. Choose from single or double-sided pads.

This two step system consists of the only commercially produced SPRAY car polishes. Optimum Hyper Compound Spray and Optimum Hyper Polish Spray were both developed to streamline the process of buffing out new vehicles at a major auto plant. The spray application of each polish enables it to disperse evenly over the pad to prevent dry buffing and to promote uniform polishing. These revolutionary polishes produce no dust, do not sling, and are simple to clean-up -? what more could a detailer ask for?

How about the right pads to make the process even easier. The kit includes your choice of a single or double-sided 100% Twisted Wool Pad and a single or double-sided Foam Finishing Pad. All the pads are 8 inches in diameter and designed to be used with a rotary polisher. (Backing plate and double-sided pad adapter sold separately.)

The Optimum Hyper Polishing System Kit makes paint restoration easier, cleaner, and faster. Get yours today at