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New Lake Country 1-Pad Polishing System Coming Soon to Autogeek

Save time and prevent cross-contamination by using a fresh pad for every detail!

The 1-Pad Polishing System consists of an ultra flexible, patented Tri-Density Backing Plate and a variety of bowl-shaped foam and wool pads. The backing plate has a curved bottom that sits inside of the bowl-shaped 1-Pad buffing pads. The Tri-Density Backing Plate is very flexible. The cushioned backing plate is made almost entirely of flexible materials. When you transition from a flat surface to a vertical surface with your buffer, the Tri-Density Backing Plate flexes so the pad can maintain contact with the paint. Since the backing plate and pads are curved, there are no blunt edges to dig into the paint. For today’s curvy vehicle styles, the 1-Pad Polishing System is a safer way to buff.

With 1-Pad buffing pads, you use a fresh, new pad every time you detail. You don’t spend valuable time cleaning pads. Every 1-Pad buffing pad performs perfectly, just like new. When your detail is finished, throw the pads away. Nothing is more valuable than your time. The time you save by tossing used pads offsets the cost of the 1-Pad Polishing System.

The 1-Pad Polishing System consists of multiple wool and foam pad options. Go to our 1-Pad Polishing System page for more information.

Autogeek welcomes special guests at SEMA will attend SEMA again this year in Las Vegas. The industry’s largest trade show will be held from Nov. 2-5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Autogeek is happy to welcome several special guests at our booths this year – that’s right, booths. Autogeek has three this year! If you’ll be attending SEMA, be sure and stop by to say hello to Max and the team. Below is our current guest schedule.

Latest Announcement! Representatives from SONAX will be joining us at SEMA at 10 am on Thursday.

SEMA guests

Click here for more information on SEMA.

Opti Clean- a revolutionary new product from Optimum!

Late last week, we received our shipment of new Optimum Opti Clean, a new spray-and-wipe product. You might be thinking that’s nothing new, but here’s the twist: Opti Clean can be used inside and outside the car, and it leaves a protective coating! Opti Clean cleans like a waterless wash, enhances surfaces like a quick detailer, AND it leaves a protective finish. Opti Clean dries clear and streak-free. Use it on glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, paint, rubber – anywhere! Use Opti Clean to wipe down the dashboard and door panels, the windshield, vinyl seats, paint, wheels, mirrors, and more. Just use different towels for different surfaces to avoid cross-contamination. Optimum Opti Clean makes it simple to wipe down an entire vehicle and give it real protection in just a few minutes.

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New Video! Motorcycle Detailing

This video focuses on detailing a different kind of vehicle – a motorcycle! Motorcycles are intricate machines with many of the same detailing requirements as cars plus a few challenges of their own. In this video, Mike Phillips and Bobby Britt demonstrate motorcycle detailing products by S100. S100 products are a longtime favorite of motorcyclists because they are fast and effective. Watch the video to see how S100 plus a few choice detailing tools will make your bike shine.