Waxing a Boat

Step Three in our Series, Boat Care 101: Waxing a Boat

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Boat Wax

Waxing your boat is essential to maintaining the color, shine, and integrity of a gel coat finish. Marine waxes are very durable in order to stand up salt water, algae, and the sun. Boat wax also makes regular cleaning easier and can make it harder for grime to stick to waxed surfaces. To prevent oxidation and fading, boat wax is a must.

Collinite Fiberglass Boat Wax #925 is proven to stand up to harsh environments. It withstands scrubbing, scuffing, detergents, salt water and marine organisms all year long. Collinite is a favorite among boat owners.

Nautical Liquid Glass Polish/Finish is an ultra-durable choice for boat protection. Nautical Liquid Glass Polish/Finish creates a hard, glassy finish that will not crack, chip, peel, or turn yellow. Apply Liquid Glass every 6-12 months to maintain the optimum level of protection, especially with frequent salt water boating.

Again, an orbital polisher is going to be a huge asset when waxing a boat. Spread on the wax evenly with a soft foam buffing pad. You can then use a microfiber bonnet on the polisher to buff off the wax.

Polish and Wax In One

Because detailing a boat is a big job, many manufacturers have combined the polishing and protecting steps into single-step products. By tackling two jobs at once, you’ll save time and still get fantastic results.

Meguiars Mirror Glaze #50 Marine/RV Cleaner Wax is a great choice for restoring the color and shine to fiberglass.

3M makes two cleaner wax options: 3M Marine Restorer & Wax is designed for boats with heavy oxidation while 3M Marine Cleaner & Wax contains a milder polish for lightly oxidized boats.

Duragloss Marine RV Polish #501 is another great polish/sealant choice for fiberglass boats. Its protective coating reduces algae growth!

Just like with polishing, you’ll find it faster and easier to apply a marine cleaner wax with a polisher and a polishing pad.? The pay-off of one step products is that once you’re done, you’re done. Sit back and relax!

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