Griot's Garage keeps your convertible looking good.

Three new products from Griot’s Garage will help you clean and restore your convertible top just in time for the Spring and Summer.

Griot's Garage Black Vinyl Top ReconditionerGriot’s Garage Black Vinyl Top Reconditioner 8 oz.

This black dye restores the color to faded, dull convertible tops in a matter of minutes. Use Griot’s Garage Black Vinyl Top Reconditioner only on black vinyl convertible tops to renew the color quickly and permanently. Because it is a dye and not a dressing, you get darker, longer lasting color. A foam applicator is included.

Griot's Garage Plastic CleanerGriot’s Garage Plastic Cleaner 8 oz.

Clean up all auto and motorcycle plastics with Griot’s Garage Plastic Cleaner. This plastic cleaner spray works on all clear and colored plastics to remove dirt and dust. Use it for regular cleaning of convertible top windows, headlights, taillights, instrument gauges, motorcycle windscreens, helmet visors, even CDs and DVDs! Always use Griot’s Garage Plastic Cleaner before polishing with Griot’s Garage Plastic Polish.

Griot's Garage Plastic PolishGriot’s Garage Plastic Polish 8 oz.

This fine polish removes minor scratches and dullness from clear and colored auto plastics quickly and safely. It works gently on softer plastics and produces great results on hard plastics with 3-4 applications. Use it everywhere you’d use Griot’s Garage Plastic Cleaner. This pair of products is essential for convertible top window care!

These three Griot’s Garage products are available right now at To see our complete selection of convertible top care products, go to our convertible top care page.

If you’re not sure whether your convertible top is fabric or vinyl, do the spot test. Drop a little water on the convertible top. Rub it in using your finger. If the water absorbs into the top, it is fabric. If the water does not soak in, it’s vinyl.

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