Detail Fest Preparations

You might be wondering what goes into putting together Detail Fest every year. As anyone here can tell you, it’s quite a job. With Detail Fest coming up this weekend, March 27-28, here’s what’s going on around the Autogeek headquarters:

– Final touches are being put on the Autogeek Show Car Garage for the official unveiling at Detail Fest.

– Our last minute supply list is looking like this: name tags, name tag holders, lots of poster board, Sharpie markers, raffle tickets. There will be many more trips like this to the office store before the weekend!

– Making signs. Lots of signs.

– Drawing up a schedule and putting together a program for Detail Fest.

– Rounding up giveaway items for the raffle.

– Planning where all the vendors’ booths will be and where everyone will park. With Meguiars and Mothers bringing their big rigs and a full car show roster, we’re taking over the entire parking lot!

– Receiving vendor’s samples and/or equipment and booth displays. Many of our manufacturers are coming in from around the country so their stuff is being shipped ahead of time.

– Finalizing the food with the Sandy Hook Deli. Sandy Hook is our local sandwich shop and they’ve been at the last two Detail Fests. We’re glad to have them back again.

– On top of that, the day-to-day operations must go on!

On behalf of the entire Autogeek staff, we’re looking forward to seeing you this weekend at another fantastic Detail Fest!

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