Detail Fest: A Look Back

It’s hard to believe our fifth Detail Fest is right around the corner! Looking back, the event has grown bigger and better than we could have imagined at that first Detail Fest in 2006. was operating out of a 2000 sq. ft. space in a small business park. Max decided we should invite our customers to come and spend a day detailing. About 24 people showed up – this was before the forum – and a lot of those same people have been to every Detail Fest since. It wasn’t a big event but it was a starting point.?

Autogeek's 1st Annual Detail Fest
Autogeek’s 1st Annual Detail Fest

The next year, we were in a new building awaiting the completion of our current? headquarters. We had a much larger space to work with and many more ideas for what Detail Fest should be. By that time in 2007, had caught on so it was much easier to get the word out. That was the first year the car show was added to Detail Fest. That year, we estimate 200 people were there at the peak of the day. Not bad considering it was only our second year! We had demonstrations by some professional detailers and our neighbors, a racing team, displayed a race car and a couple of custom motorcycles. 2007 was also the first year we had manufacturers present.

Autogeek's 2nd Annual Detail Fest
Autogeek’s 2nd Annual Detail Fest

2008 was the Grand Opening of our new building! Max had purchased a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse space and was picking out the finishes right up until D-day. In fact, construction went on for some time after Detail Fest. This Detail Fest was unique because we had a huge, completely empty indoor space. Many more manufacturers were present this year – 20 in all. They all set up booths inside. Some had cars inside for demonstrations, like Meguiars and System One. To add something special for attendees, Max wanted every manufacturer that attended to debut a brand new product. In the weeks leading up to Detail Fest, the Autogeek offices were pulling together all the information on the new products in time to coordinate their web launch with their live launch at Detail Fest. It was a whirlwind of activity but, with a lot of help from those manufacturers, it was a success. This was also the first year that Meguiars and Mothers attended, and custom motorcycles were on display by bike-builder-to-the-stars Austin Weiss of Streamline Designs. Over 300 people attended the third Detail Fest!

Autogeek's 3rd Annual Detail Fest was held indoors.
Autogeek’s 3rd Annual Detail Fest was held indoors.

In?January 2009, we weren’t sure if our fourth Detail Fest would happen in March. With the country’s economic challenges, other long-standing car shows had been canceled and we considered doing the same. Ultimately, Max decided to go ahead with Detail Fest. It might be scaled back a little but it would be there for the people who wanted to come. As it turned out, a lot of people wanted to come. Autogeek’s Fourth Annual Detail Fest was our best yet. More manufacturers were present. More cars and a bigger variety of cars were displayed. One notable addition was the Meguiar’s detailing class taught the following Sunday by Mike Phillips, who joined the Autogeek team later that year. Meguiar’s brought their big rig and tents were set up outside for all the booths (by now the warehouse was overflowing with products!). Because we are in Florida, a rain shower rolled through the morning of Detail Fest and soaked the ground. Max quickly ordered bales of hay. Our crew spent the early hours covering the mud and setting up tents. When the clouds cleared, we had an outstanding Detail Fest with the best turnout yet.

Autogeek's 4th Annual Detail Fest was our biggest yet!
Autogeek’s 4th Annual Detail Fest was our biggest yet!

Here we are in 2010 with Autogeek’s Fifth Annual Detail Fest coming up on March 27-28. For the first time, we’ve officially extended the event to two days! All manufacturers are returning this year along with many new faces, including representatives from Griot’s Garage. Plus, Mothers will bring their big rig and Meguiars’ big rig will be back this year, too! Mike Phillips will be teaching a “Machine Polishing Basics” class at two times on Saturday. The classes are free but we request that you sign up. Anyone registered for Detail Fest is already signed up for the 9 a.m. class. There is no additional charge to take a class.

Detailing demonstration at Detail Fest '09.
Detailing demonstration at Detail Fest ’09.

We’ll once again have good food, great cars, and, of course, detailing demonstrations going on all day. Attendees will be able to “try it before you buy it”. Manufacturers will have products available to try for free, and they’ll be doing demonstrations.

On Sunday, day two of Detail Fest will be more hands-on training and demos, plus attendees will be able to pull their vehicle into the Autogeek garage for free detailing advice from Mike Phillips and other experts. Special guests from Cyclo, Flex, Metro Vac and more will be in the garage to offer their expertise!

As always, wash stations and power outlets will be available for anyone wanting to detail onsite. Raffle prizes will be given away, and car show participants will receive their goody bag valued at a minimum of $50, including the official Detail Fest T-shirt. Computers will be available so orders can be placed on site using our special Detail Fest discount! Orders will be packed and ready to go home with you.

Detail Fest is free to attend if you will not be showing a car, and parking is free. Extra t-shirts will be available for purchase. Detail Fest 2010 should be another great event with fantastic cars, product demonstrations, hands-on instruction, and much more!

(For more info and registration, click here.)

Be a part of Detail Fest! Autogeek’s Fifth Annual Detail Fest & Car Show is Saturday and Sunday, March 27-28 in Stuart, Florida. Register online at or by calling 1-800-869-3011. As you can see, it just keeps getting better!

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