Coming to Detail Fest: Black WOW

Black WOW Trim Restorer was developed by pro detailer Richard Lin and his father, a world renowned scientist. Richard, known on the forums as OctaneGuy, owns and details at the Show Car Detailing shop in Anaheim, California. Though Richard is an expert at detailing all cars, he’s a MINI enthusiast. He wanted a product that would restore and maintain the black trim that’s so prevalent on MINIs, but he wanted his product to be more effective and last longer than anything else on the market. Black WOW was born.

Black WOW has been a customer favorite for the last two years thanks to its easy application and dramatic results. Originally developed for MINIs, Black WOW has proven to be highly effective on any vehicle and any color trim. That’s because Black WOW is not a dye; it’s a restorer. It penetrates, quenches, and restores the surface. Therefore, it doesn’t look fake or painted. Black WOW looks like your vehicle’s factory trim, only better. Just look at these before and after shots!

Meet OctaneGuy Richard Lin at Detail Fest on March 27-28!

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