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Visit Autogeek University, our online resource for detailers. Here you?ll find guides on everything from glass cleaning to swirl removal. We explain each process step by step and suggest products to help you get the best results. Plus, you?ll learn tips that will help you succeed. For example, did you know products are easier to apply with a polisher if you mist the pad first with a quick detailer or a pad conditioner? You can also learn how to tell if your aluminum wheels have a coating. Autogeek?s detailing guides provide a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Winterizing Your Car?s Exterior

Car Wax & Paint Sealant Application Techniques

Carnauba Car Wax vs. Paint Sealants

Proper Car Washing & Drying Techniques

How to Use Auto Detailing Clay

Interior Cleaning and Conditioning How-To

How to Care for Leather

Circular/ Rotary Polisher Guide

Dual Action Orbital Polisher Guide

How to Remove Bugs and Tar

Glass Cleaning Facts & Tips

Proper Care of Trim & Molding

How to Detail Wheels & Tires

How to Polish Metal

How to Care for Your Convertible Top

Klasse Application Guide

How To Care For Microfiber

Headlight Lens Restoration Guide

Engine Detailing How-To

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