Happy Valentine's Day! Show your vehicle some love!

Yes, it is snowing outside so you’re probably not going to do a full detail, but there are some things you can do to help your car look the best it can given the circumstances.


1. If you have access to a garage, you can clean your car. It’s a good idea because road salt is brutal on paint and metal. Use a rinseless wash, like DP Rinseless Wash & Gloss or Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine. Both require just a gallon or two of water and do not need to be rinsed off. If you use them outside, just make sure the temperature is above freezing!


2. Protect rubber weatherstripping. Cold temperatures cause rubber door seals to dry out, crack, and even freeze. You can prevent this with a product like Wurth Rubber Care Gel Stick. This product protects the rubber and it also prevents freezing. You’ll like that feature when you need to get into your car and out of the cold.


3. For the windshield, use Glass Science Ultra Clean Windshield Wash Concentrate. It cleans the glass and, at higher dilutions, keeps the washer fluid from freezing in the tank.


4. Just because it’s a winter wonderland outside your vehicle, that doesn’t mean the inside can’t be clean and cozy. Get some rubber floor mats to protect the carpet. WeatherTech FloorLiners provide great coverage to catch snow and slush. Cover the seats with Sheepskin Seat Covers. They provide a soft, warm place to sit when the world outside is cold and uninviting.


Just remember, Spring is right around the corner! There are perfect detailing days ahead.

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