Sema Show 2009 at autogeek

By Dwayne

Got back home last night and came into the office today to get caught up from being gone a week. Thanks to Meghan, Penny, Bobby and the rest of the team here, the list of things to do is quite short considering that I was gone for an entire week. Meghan does a great job of keeping things running smooth when we leave for the SEMA Show.

This is my third year in a row representing at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and thanks to Max, each year just keeps getting better and better and I am thankful to be a part of it. During the show the booth was literally a who’s who of names that matter in the car care industry. It was just like our Shop By Brand page, only in person! (and even a few company reps/owners stopped by to visit who’s products aren’t on

There is a long list of people who made the 2009 SEMA Show so special for and deserve thanks:

Max for everything that he did to make this a great show for Autogeek

Jason for his hands on leadership during the show

Mike Phillips for taking hundreds of photos for you guys and always remembering to bring me back some cool autographed posters and even one poster that I want to set on fire

Anthony aka OCDetails also aka Jngrbdman aka honorary Autogeek staff member for being there the entire week to help us out

Doug and Chris from Grit Guard who were also there with us the entire week

Steve aka Poorboy and also Ronkh for being there to talk about Poorboy’s World products

On Tuesday:

Bob Eichelberg from Flex for demonstrated the Flex polishers

JJ from Finish Kare displayed the Finish Kare line and was giving away samples of 425 Detal Spray!

Eric Dunn discussed the variety of foam and wool pads from Lake Country Manufacturing

On Wednesday:

Richard Griot joined us to talk about the Griot’s Garage line of car care products and orbital polishers

Dan from Meguiars brought over the new Meguiars G110 V2 (Version 2) polisher so we could get our hands on it and learn more

Rick Goldstein from Raggtopp spent some time discussing proper convertible top care

On Thursday:

Forest from Mothers revealed the new Mothers Powerball 4 Headlights and the Mothers Headlight Restoration Kit

David from Optimum Polymer Technologies was there to discuss Optimum products and especially proper technique for Optimum No Rinse

Doug and Chris Lamb from Grit Guard too center stage to show the benfits of the Universal Pad Washer. Using video on his iPhone was really helpful to see how well the Pad Washer works.

What a great week it was and the dinner parties at night were phenomenal.

Here are links to all of the photo threads so that you can experience the 2009 SEMA Show too, minus the sore feet from all the walking. It’s the next best thing to being there!

Pictures from SEMA 2009

Pictures from the Sema Show 2009 Day 1

Pictures from the SEMA Show 2009 Day 2

Picture from the SEMA Show 2009 Day 3

Pictures from SEMA 2009 – Day 4

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