Taurus SHO Detail

Did this car for a local forum member, and WOW it was terrible. I really didn’t think I would be able to do much with it, but it came out really nice.

This was my first time using Meguiars 105 – it has a bit of a learning curve to it, but once I got that down, I almost felt like I was cheating. It broke down almost instantly, removed most defects in 1 quick pass, and finished up super nice, especially for such a strong compound. What also surprised me was how effective this compound was with the Flex, as it is designed for rotary + wool only.

Process was as follows:

-Wash with P21S
-Clay with Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay (went straight in the garbage afterwards!)
-Poorboy’s Spray & Rinse on wheels and tires
-Poorboy’s Bold ‘N Bright on tires

-Meguiar’s M105 Compound – Flex XC3401 w/yellow 6.5″ LC cutting pads
-Meguiar’s M80 Speed Glaze – Flex XC3401 w/green 6.5″ LC polishing/finishing pads
-Duragloss 105 Total Performance Polish – Flex XC3401 w/blue 6.5″ LC finishing pad

The car is a 1993, and the driver’s side was repainted at one point. Initially, the driver’s side looked better since it was newer and less oxidized/swirled, but after the job was done, the 16 year old paint on the passenger side looked better IMO.

After using M105, I switched to a green pad on used M80 Speed Glaze. 1 pass of each was used, but I did 2 passes on the roof since it was pretty bad.

Overall, I got 95% of the swirls out (a few remained on the roof), but I was very satisfied in how the car came out, as was the owner.

Here is what the car looked like when I received it:


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