Leatherique Rubber Black Dye

Rubber Black Dye by Leatherique re-colors black rubber trim in minutes and keeps it black. Restore the dark, rich color to bumpers, moldings and hoses with this permanent black rubber dye. Leatherique Rubber Black Dye will turn rubber surfaces back to black and keep them black.

Leatherique Rubber Black Dye is much more than a dressing. This is a permanent dye that re-colors black bumpers, trim, moldings, and hoses. Black rubber fades fast under daily sun exposure. Faded, gray trim makes your vehicle look old and neglected. Leatherique Rubber Black Dye undoes the damage in a matter of minutes and the results last indefinitely!

Leatherique Rubber Black Dye is made by a company that has specialized in leather restoration since 1968, and now they’ve developed an effective and dependable solution to faded rubber. Leatherique Rubber Black Dye takes years off the appearance of your vehicle by restoring the original color to black exterior trim.

In addition to color restoration, Leatherique Rubber Black Dye seals and protects the rubber from future UV sun damage. Treated rubber goes back to black instantly and stays black indefinitely!

Leatherique Rubber Black Dye is easy to apply. Be sure to clean the rubber thoroughly to remove residues, dirt, and exhaust film. Use DP Cleanse-All Exterior Surface Cleaner to clean and degrease rubber trim and bumpers. Then use a foam applicator pad to apply Leatherique Rubber Black Dye to the rubber. Apply an even coat and allow the Leatherique Rubber Black Dye to dry for an hour. If any dye gets on the paint, simply wipe it off.

In the time it takes to apply Leatherique Rubber Black Dye, your vehicle will be transformed! Dull, gray trim and bumpers will look like new. If you’re looking for an easy, permanent solution to faded exterior rubber trim, look no further than Leatherique Rubber Black Dye.

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