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Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax Connoisseur’s Kit

For those of you looking for a great deal on the new Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax, look no further! The Connoisseur’s kit includes not only our show-winning Füzion Estate Wax (with free refill), but also Wolfgang Auto Bathe, Paintwork Polish Enhancer, Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant, 2 Cobra 16×16 Forest Green Microfiber Towels, 2 Flex Foam Wax Pockets, and a free instructional DVD and handbook!

All for $225, but for a limited time this kit is on sale for only $199.99! At a price like this, what are you waiting for?

Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax Connoisseur’s Kit

Autogeek Newsletter 5-8-2008

Our 5-8-2008 newsletter was just released and we have some great specials going on!

Check it out here: Autogeek May 2008 Newsletter