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Autogeek Welcomes 1Z Einszett!

This week, Autogeek welcomes 1Z Einszett to our family of prestigious, high quality car care products!

Einszett was founded in 1936 by Werner Saur Sr. in Germany. The company began with the goal of making a quality car polish. While the cars have changed dramatically since then, Einszett’s commitment to making quality car care products remains the same. Each product has been researched, tested, and manufactured in Germany to meet Einszett’s strict quality guidelines. Einszett produces products that create tangible results: glossy paint, clean trim, and bright metalwork.

Einszett is TUV certified, a distinction awarded to certain top quality manufacturers in Germany. Now Einszett is available in the U.S. to select retailers. Enjoy the quality and performance of one of Germany’s most popular car care brands.

Incidentally, “Einszett” means “1Z” in German, which is the designation assigned to license plates registered in Köln, Germany.

With products from Wolfgang Concours-Series, Menzerna of Germany, Klasse, P21S, Wurth, Wenol, Metabo and now with the addition of 1Z Einszett, Autogeek isn’t just car care, We Are German Car Care.

Click here to view the entire lineup of 1Z Einszett german car care products at

Did you see our latest newsletter?

This month’s Autogeek newsletter is packed with info on metal care. When you visit the metal care section you will see savings on just about all of the items. Whether you are detailing chrome, aluminum, or stainless steel we have a product for you.

For anyone who has not purchased an UDM yet, we have a few new UDM kits up on the site to take a look at. There should be one to fit everyone’s needs.
If you prefer the powerballs for polishing your wheels, we have Mothers Mini and regular powerball kits on sale!

There is a poll on the forum right now about the brand members want to try out but haven’t. So everyone has been picking Four Star as that brand, so we put that line on sale for you!

AND the real deal….
If you place an order on the Wolfgang site and/or the Pinnacle site you can get 15% off your order. Please see newsletter for details and coupon code.

We have an update section too on the newsletter, thought we would share some geek news.

*Autogeek Named Master Distributor for Lake Country Manufacturing

*1/2 OFF Shipping Rates to Canada!

*Pictures of Autogeek’s New Home

*Menzerna Update- we are clearing out their warehouse

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The Ultimate Detailing Machineâ„¢ Has Arrived!

UDM’s are taking over the PBMA warehouse!

“The Ultimate Detailing Machineâ„¢ is poised to become the next big innovation in machine detailing. It has great appeal for hobbyists who want a safe but effective machine and for professional detailers who need a more powerful polisher to tackle severe swirls and oxidation.”

The UDM’s are in stock and ready to ship! Get yours today.

Purchase Ultimate Detailing Machineâ„¢, UDM Kits with FREE BONUS at Autogeek!