Tornador Accessories

New Tornador accessories are in stock. Now if you need any replacement parts for your Tornador Car Cleaning Gun or Tornador Air Foamer HP, you can find exactly what you need at

Plus, we now carry Tornador Turbo Enzyme Cleaner to use with your Tornador Car Cleaning Gun. This enzyme-powered cleaner removes stains and eliminates odors on car upholstery, carpets, vinyl, plastics, rubber, even glass! The concentrated cleaner is pre-measured for maximum potency.

Upgrade your Tornador Cleaning Gun with the Cone with Brush. The air flow from the Tornador vibrates the bristles for constant, effortless cleaning. The soft bristles are safe on any surface, making it perfect for cleaning the headliner or delicate instrument panels.

The folks behind the Tornador have developed a new tool to aid in car cleaning: the Tornador Blow Out Gun. The Tornador Blow Out Gun works with your air compressor to blow debris and moisture out of hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle. The cone channels air into a powerful tornado-like motion that quickly lifts dirt and moisture from any surface. The cone covers a larger area than the air flow coming directly from an air compressor, yet it is still targeted enough to concentrate tremendous air power right where your vehicle needs it.

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