New Microfiber Pads

LC Microfiber 1

Thousands of hours of research and countless design changes have led to the production of Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads! Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads utilize the latest in microfiber technology to provide a single design that can be used for compounding and polishing! Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads are manufactured using ultra-bond adhesive technology to ensure the pads don’t delaminate, even after countless uses. Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads are available in two configurations for dual action and rotary polishers.

What are the benefits of microfiber pads versus foam pads for compounding and polishing? It’s quite simple, actually. Microfiber pads are constructed of thousands of strands of microfiber and these fibers provide more cut because they’re actually a form of abrasive. Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads take this concept a step further by utilizing microfiber loops that are more plush and more dense compared to other microfiber pads. These fibers are sewn closer together which means the Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads cut more, finish nicer, and more importantly, last longer.

Two Designs – Dual Action & Rotary – The rotation of a dual action polisher versus a rotary polisher affects the polishing action of a microfiber pad. To compensate for this difference Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads are available in two configurations for both polisher types. Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads for dual action polishers are thinner and made with a special cross-linked polyethylene core for maximum cutting and polishing ability, but flexible enough to adapt to curves and contours. Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads for rotary polishers are made with a special reticulated foam core designed to disperse heat that occurs with rotary polishing. This thick foam core also provides excellent flexibility for contoured surfaces.

Take your polishing skills to the next level with the Lake Country Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads!

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Keep that convertible top looking amazing

RaggTopp 2

Everything you need to clean and protect your vinyl convertible top!

Let’s face it: we spend more time cleaning, polishing, waxing and obsessing over our vehicle’s paint than any other interior or exterior component. Don’t forget about the convertible top! If your daily driver or weekend toy is a convertible, you can make caring for the top nearly effortless with RaggTopp Convertible Top Care Products. RaggTopp Convertible Top Care Products enable you to spend more time applying your favorite coat of carnauba paste wax to the paint and less time worrying about how well protected your convertible top is. RaggTopp makes this easy with the RaggTopp Vinyl Convertible Top Cleaner & Protectant Kit.

Caring for your convertible top isn’t nearly as time consuming as you may have previously thought. With a little bit of knowledge and the right products, your convertible top will look as good as the rest of your vehicle. The RaggTopp Vinyl Convertible Top Cleaner & Protectant Kit contains everything you need; starting with the RaggTopp Vinyl/Fabric Cleaner and their super soft Natural Horse Hair Convertible Top Brush to the RaggTopp Vinyl Protectant and several microfiber towels to make clean up a breeze. What’s more, RaggTopp Convertible Top Care Products are endorsed by Haartz, the leading manufacturer of convertible tops.

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Don’t forget your boat

Boat Master 2

Boat Master is a new range of kits and products for the cleaning, treatment and maintenance of all furniture used on boats. Specially formulated by the Research Centre of Uniters S.p.A, the same company behind Leather Master Leather Care Products, has years of experience in researching, developing and manufacturing top quality products for a multitude of uses.

The Boat Master range includes special products for cleaning and protecting leather, leatherette, cloth, microfibre textiles, teak and fiberglass.

Boat Master products have been researched and developed by Dr. Tork and are formulated according to the latest principles. Though technically advanced, these water-based products are all simple to use.

You can use Boat Master products to clean and protect all parts and fittings on your boat, keeping your teak decks, leatherette, leather and cloth seats and cloth awnings looking new and protected.

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A polisher that gives you the best of both worlds


The Makita BO6040 is one of the most versatile polishers available! With the click of a switch, the BO6040 changes from an orbital polisher to a forced rotation orbital polisher. This means you can use the BO6040 for finish sanding or aggressive swirl and defect removal. The Makita BO6040 6.5 inch Pad Kit takes the versatility of the BO6040 a step further by including a host of Lake Country pads and other essential accessories to get you started.

The Makita BO6040 replaces two machines, making it a great value. If you do not currently own a buffer, or you are not sure if your vehicle’s scratches will come out with an ordinary dual-action polisher, the Makita BO6040 is an excellent choice. Start out with the random orbital setting and a low-cut polish. The general rule is if your fingernail catches the scratch, you’ll need to do some compounding to totally remove it. If the random orbital setting is not working, just turn the machine off, turn the orange knob, and turn the polisher back on. The orbital motion with forced rotation will level the scratch until it is completely eliminated.

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Put down that drying towel

CR Spotless

CR Spotless Water Systems are portable de-ionization units that produce clean, ultra-purified water for washing your car, boat, motorcycle, or RV. Water purified by the CR Spotless Water Systems contains no minerals and therefore leaves no water spots! Now you can wash you vehicle, spot free rinse, and walk away. No water spots will appear. CR Spotless Water Systems provide the ultimate spot-free car wash!

Water spots occur because all water is full of minerals, like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and various other dissolved mineral salts. You might have heard of total dissolved solids in reference to tap water. All water has them, and they’re a real problem for detailers. When water evaporates, it leaves these minerals behind on the vehicle in little rings that we call water spots. Eventually, minerals etch auto paint. The etching requires compounding. It’s best to prevent water spots altogether with the CR Spotless Water Systems.

Before CR Spotless Water Systems, you had to towel-dry your vehicle to prevent water spots. We carry many microfiber drying towels that are excellent quality and very safe on paint, but wouldn’t it be great if you could skip that step? Just wash, rinse, and go. You can do exactly that with CR Spotless Water Systems.

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Tackle your interior with the Detailer’s Pro Vacuum

Detailer's Vac

The Detailer’s 8 Gallon 2.5 HP Wet/Dry Auto Detailing Vacuum provides powerful suction to clean up car interiors, garages, and workshops. Clean up wet spills and dry soil from virtually any surface. The Detailer’s 8 Gallon 2.5 HP Wet/Dry Garage Vac includes a variety of nozzles plus a generous 35 foot cord so you can reach every inch of your garage.

The Detailer’s 8 Gallon 2.5 HP Wet/Dry Auto Detailing Vacuum is made for detailing pros and garage fanatics. This vacuum makes it easy to keep your vehicles and your garage tidy with a multi-surface claw tool, a round brush for dashboards and floor mats, and a 16 inch crevice tool to reach under seats. The 12 ft. Lock-On, crush-resistant flexible hose gives you extra reach for cleaning deep trunks.

This handy Shop Vac features 90 inches of sealed pressure, or lift. Sealed pressure is the measure of how far a vacuum motor can lift a column of water up a glass tube. At 90 inches, the Detailer’s 8 Gallon 2.5 HP Wet/Dry Garage Vac offers plenty of power to clean up dirty garages, vehicles, boats, and RVs.

This vacuum is ultra quiet. That’s a great feature if you work alongside other detailers or if you are detailing in a residential neighborhood. Your neighbors will thank you!

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Matte Attack!

During SEMA 2010, a new trend appeared on car after car lining the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Matte had arrived! We posted pictures of all the matte paint jobs, prompting a lot of questions about what products should be used on them. Waxes are made to be shiny, right? There wasn’t yet a product made for exclusively matte finishes, but there is now!

Chemical Guys Meticulous Matte Detailer is the first matte paint, matte clear bra, and vinyl wrap spray detailer and UV coating protectant in one. MMD cleans and maintains matte finish surfaces while protecting the finish. It has UV blocking agents in a wax-free formula. MMD easily, rapidly and safely removes dust, grease, dirt, road film, grime and bird droppings, delivering an even matte finish.

Chemical Guys also makes Meticulous Matte Auto Wash, a clean-rinsing shampoo that leaves no glossy coating on the paint.

But those aren’t the only products available for matte finishes. Optimum Opti-Seal and BLACKFIRE Crystal Seal both offer excellent paint protection that preserves the paint as it is – no extra gloss. These products do not require buffing and do not alter the look of the paint.

The most important thing you can do to maintain a matte paint job is PREVENT SCRATCHES! When a matte finish is scratched, it cannot be polished out like clear coat. The polish will make the paint shiny. It will completely alter the look of the paint. To reduce the risk of scratches, use high quality washing, drying and detailing tools. Soft microfiber buffing towels and nonabrasive products are key to safely detailing matte paint.

If you have a matte paint finish or matte-painted panels, you now have multiple ways to maintain the non-glossy appearance.

The Art of Detailing Paperback Book by Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips’ – The Art Of Detailing
Proper Techniques, Tips and Tricks to Achieve a Show Car Shine

Mike Phillips is a leading expert in the field of auto detailing and reconditioning with 33 years of real world experience and a true passion for automobiles. Now he shares with you everything he knows about achieving a show car shine in his book, The Art of Detailing.

Mike honed his skills first as a hobbyist, then as a trainer at Meguiar’s, and now as Autogeek’s resident expert and Director of Training. But all you have to do is download his e-book! It will walk you step by step through the process of choosing the right tools, identifying paint imperfections, selecting products, and the application and removal process of those products. Mike’s detailed explanations are simple and straightforward – just like his classes here at Autogeek’s Show Car Garage. While there is no substitute for hands-on training, The Art of Detailing gives you a powerful reference guide at your fingertips.

This book is designed for do-it-yourself hobbyists and professional detailers.

Download The Art of Detailing today and you can instantly begin learning Mike’s professional techniques for turning an ordinary vehicle into a show car!

  • 125 pages
  • Full color images
  • Step by step instructions
  • Glossary of detailing terms


Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips


Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System on a boat?

The answer is absolutely! You can use the Meguiars DA Microfiber System on gel coat and get great results.

Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System is a two-step process designed to correct auto paint (and gel coat) without leaving any swirls- guaranteed! Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System consists of microfiber pads, DA Microfiber Correction Compound, and DA Microfiber Finishing Wax.

This system is formulated to work with minimal dusting and no slinging. Cleanup is easy. When you’re polishing the vertical surfaces of a boat, you’ll appreciate how clean this process really is!

On a boat, Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System delivers comparable results to what you achieve on cars. It works well on light to moderate gel coat oxidation. On boats with heavy oxidation, use a more aggressive compound first, such as Meguiars Mirror Glaze #95 Speed-Cut Compound. After using the compound, use Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System to refine the gel coat and then seal it.

Depending on the size of the boat and the amount of oxidation, you may need multiple pads. Meguiars DA Microfiber Pads resist loading up so you can work them longer before switching pads, if you need to switch pads at all. To be on the safe side, have extra pads on hand. Toss used pads into a bucket of water and Detailer’s Pro Series Pad Rejuvenator.

Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System works well with the Meguiars G110v2 Polisher.

For the best results, always keep a coat of wax on your boat to prevent oxidation and maintain a clean, shiny boat.

White wax stains and what you can do about them.

White wax stains on plastic trim come from solvents in the wax. These solvents are not meant for cleaning the paint. They are actually just there as a carrier for the protective ingredients in the wax. Once the wax is applied to your car, the solvent evaporates, leaving the wax on the paint. The problem is, the solvents stain plastic trim.

The best defense against wax stains is to prevent them in the first place! You can tape off plastic trim if you’re applying your wax with a buffer. You can just be very careful when applying wax by hand. Accidents still happen so your other option is to choose a wax that will not stain trim. Many WOWO (wipe on, wipe off) waxes will not stain trim and you can identify them by the fact that they also do not dry to a white haze. Examples are Pinnacle Souverän, Pinnacle Signature Series II, Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax, Wolfgang Füzion, Poorboy’s Natty’s Paste Wax, and P21S Concours Carnauba Wax.

If your wax of choice is an apply-and-dry wax, you can still remove wax stains from trim by acting quickly. You can use a dedicated wax remover, like Griot’s Garage Dried On Wax Remover or you can opt for Detailer’s Pro Series Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner. It will remove everything from the trim, including any dressings, so you’ll want to reapply protection after cleaning the trim.