NEW SONAX Plastic Care In Stock!

Spray on and walk away protection.

In 2016 Autogeek paid a visit to SONAX headquarters in Germany. During this trip Autogeek was given an exclusive sneak peek of a revolutionary new product from SONAX called Plastic Care. We’re excited that Plastic Care, an advanced spray on and walk away plastic protectant, is now available to customers all over the world! We were floored at the performance of SONAX Plastic Care during our trip to Germany, and we know you will be too!

SONAX Plastic Care is arguably the easiest car care product SONAX has ever developed. Here’s why: there’s no wiping or rubbing required. Simply spray it directly onto the plastic surface in or outside your vehicle, and then walk away! There’s nothing to wipe off or rub in, and it dries to the touch.

SONAX Plastic Care cleans and maintains all plastic surfaces in your vehicle’s interior. Use it on door trim panels, dashboards, center console, seat linings, the list goes on! Regardless of the plastic surface, SONAX Plastic Care will darken the color to restore a showroom new finish. What’s more, SONAX Plastic Care conceals fine scratches. Wow!

Don’t stop at your interior! SONAX Plastic Care works especially well on exterior surfaces including all unpainted plastic components, engine bays, bumpers, windshield cowling, and door handles. SONAX Plastic Care is the FAST and EASY solution to restore the shine and protect your vehicle’s plastic components. What’s more, you can use SONAX Plastic Care with confidence because it does not contain any solvents.

Experience the easy side of plastic care with SONAX Plastic Care!

300 ml. Made in Germany

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