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Griots Garage Black Shine Tire Gel Coming Soon!

You’ll love how long this tire shine lasts!

Griot’s Garage Black Shine Tire Gel is a true gel and not a messy cream. This thick tire gel is designed to provide weeks, not days, of deep, dark luster that makes your tires look like they belong on the lawn of the finest concours event. Griot’s Garage Black Shine Tire Gel dries to the touch and will not sling off. Use it with confidence on passenger car tires, off road truck tires, high performance summer tires – the list goes on! It’s truly a remarkable tire gel!

Griots Garage Black Shine Tire Gel penetrates deep into the rubber, providing a long-lasting shine that is second to none. Built-in rubber conditioners keep tires flexible so they do not crack of brown over time. Regular application will keep your vehicle’s tires protected as well as looking great.

It’s difficult to formulate a tire shine that appeals to everyone. Fortunately for you, Griot’s Garage nailed it with Black Shine Tire Gel. When applied as recommended, it produces a high-gloss, deep black shine that really sets off the overall look of your freshly detailed vehicle. Want less shine? Apply less product. It’s that simple!

There’s more than one reason to apply Griot’s Garage Black Shine Tire Gel to your vehicle’s tires. First and foremost, it leaves the tires looking outstanding with a deep, black shine. Second, it protects them against browning and cracking. Third, it’s fun and easy to apply!

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SONAX Cut & Finish

It cuts and finishes like you wouldn’t believe!

SONAX is a German company with nearly 100 years mining abrasives, so it’s no surprise that they were able to create a game changer like Cut & Finish. What about Cut & Finish makes it a game changer? On a scale from 1-6, with 1 being the least and 6 being the most, SONAX Cut & Finish is rated at 5 for cut and 5 for gloss. Using the same scale, a conventional compound with a cut of 5 would have a rating of 1 for gloss! SONAX Cut & Finish is a truly remarkable product that saves you from performing additional polishing steps!

SONAX Cut & Finish has an intense abrasive effect for quickly eradicating gloss-hindering paint defects, such as dust occlusion, paint overspray, water spots, and sanding marks. SONAX Cut & Finish has a high abrasion level with an incredible gloss rating that truly puts it in a league of its own. SONAX Cut & Finish is the compound you’ve been searching for!

Not only does SONAX Cut & Finish offer an incredible amount of cut for the finish it creates, it’s easy to use as well! You’ll especially appreciate the long working time and the outstanding wipe off. SONAX Cut & Finish is also one of the best values on the market.

If you’re looking to eliminate steps without sacrificing performance, SONAX Cut & Finish is the compound you’ve been dreaming of!

250 ml.
Made in Germany

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CarPro Essence PLUS Coming Soon!

The first “repair” and enhance for ceramic coatings!

CarPro Essence PLUS is a unique siO2 nano coating, made from a distinct blend of ceramic coating repair agents, high gloss quartz resins, and hydrophobic nanoparticles, that will lay down protection on uncoated paint and work as a repair agent on already coated paint! This non-abrasive formula will repair fine swirls in a damaged ceramic coating while also increasing the hydrophobic properties and cleaning the surface underneath!

Most ceramic paint coatings on the market today last upwards of 1-2 years depending on which product is used. And in a perfect world, the paint would stay swirl and scratch free under those coatings, but sometimes accidents happen that need to be repaired. Rather than removing that previous coating, correcting the paint and starting from scratch, use CarPro Essence PLUS to repair that damage and keep your original coating!

CarPro Essence PLUS isn’t a correcting compound or paint polisher; rather it’s a high gloss jewelling coat used to extend the life of your coating. The non-abrasive formula repairs fine scratches and swirls, but does so without removing your previous ceramic coating. Don’t undo hours of hard work in one application!

The extreme gloss left over after using CarPro Essence PLUS is caused by the SiO2 Quartz protection – originally found in CarPro’s Ceramic Coating line. A layer of this paint protection is applied during application leaving the surface looking and feeling like glass. And even if your car HASN’T been coated previously, CarPro Essence PLUS will clean, gloss, and protect your bare paint, PPF, chrome, and glass!

If your car has minimal swirling, and some very minor scratches and you’re unfamiliar with correcting paint, CarPro Essence PLUS is perfect for your use. It will smooth the surface and protect for up to a year or more! CarPro Essence PLUS can be applied by DA machine or by hand, making it a versatile option for everyone.

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CarPro ECH2O Waterless Wash & Quick Detail Spray Coming Soon!

Perfect for your ceramic coated paint!

CarPro ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray is a cleaning product and gloss enhancer built on over 2 years of research and development. While it was designed to work especially well with ceramic coated vehicles, CarPro ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray works surprisingly well on non-coated vehicles as well. Designed to work well in extreme heat and even direct sunlight, CarPro ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray provides an easy, eco-friendly, and glossy solution to quick details and waterless washes.

Sometimes known as the leaders in ceramic coatings, CarPro ECH2O has provided yet another high-performing product, designed to work with their ceramic coatings. A combination of proprietary lifting agents and natural organic extracts and lubricants creates a formula that easily removes dust and light dirt while leavings behind a wet, glossy finish.

CarPro ECH2O’s secret to such a great shine? Its modified high gloss SiO2 components and their innate cleaning abilities. The surface finish left over after using the CarPro ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray is a well-known characteristic if you’ve used CarPro SiO2 sealants or CarPro ceramic coatings in the past.

This concentrated formula gives you the ability to adjust to your specific needs! For use as a quick detailer, dilute CarPro ECH2O 1:10, or for use as a waterless wash only, dilute CarPro ECH2O 1:5.

CarPro ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray is ultra-versatile and can be used on all exterior surfaces; it won’t stain or discolor rubber or plastic trim and looks amazing when used on chrome surfaces! CarPro ECH2O can even be used in direct sunlight!

Give your coated (or even non-coated!) vehicle and safe, swirl-free wash and quick detail with CarPro ECH2O Waterless Wash & Detail Spray.

Directions for use:
When using CarPro ECH2O as a quick detailer: Shake the product well and dilute per your needs (generally, 1:10 but can go up to 1:20). Spray CarPro ECH2O over a panel, spread for even coverage and wipe off completely. That’s it!

When using CarPro ECH2O as a waterless wash: Shake the product well and dilute per your needs (generally, 1:5 but can go up to 1:10). Spray liberally across one entire panel. Using a clean and soft microfiber towel, wipe the panel in a back and forth motion, frequently flipping your towel to a clean side. Once again, spray CarPro ECH20 over entire panel and (using a new microfiber towel!) wipe product off completely. Continue this process around the whole care. Be sure you have plenty of soft microfiber towels on hand!

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NEW SONAX Plastic Care In Stock!

Spray on and walk away protection.

In 2016 Autogeek paid a visit to SONAX headquarters in Germany. During this trip Autogeek was given an exclusive sneak peek of a revolutionary new product from SONAX called Plastic Care. We’re excited that Plastic Care, an advanced spray on and walk away plastic protectant, is now available to customers all over the world! We were floored at the performance of SONAX Plastic Care during our trip to Germany, and we know you will be too!

SONAX Plastic Care is arguably the easiest car care product SONAX has ever developed. Here’s why: there’s no wiping or rubbing required. Simply spray it directly onto the plastic surface in or outside your vehicle, and then walk away! There’s nothing to wipe off or rub in, and it dries to the touch.

SONAX Plastic Care cleans and maintains all plastic surfaces in your vehicle’s interior. Use it on door trim panels, dashboards, center console, seat linings, the list goes on! Regardless of the plastic surface, SONAX Plastic Care will darken the color to restore a showroom new finish. What’s more, SONAX Plastic Care conceals fine scratches. Wow!

Don’t stop at your interior! SONAX Plastic Care works especially well on exterior surfaces including all unpainted plastic components, engine bays, bumpers, windshield cowling, and door handles. SONAX Plastic Care is the FAST and EASY solution to restore the shine and protect your vehicle’s plastic components. What’s more, you can use SONAX Plastic Care with confidence because it does not contain any solvents.

Experience the easy side of plastic care with SONAX Plastic Care!

300 ml. Made in Germany

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Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 Coming Soon!

Faster and easier than detailing clay

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 is not a clay bar at all. In fact, it’s very different. Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 constructed using a patented rubber polymer that is far more effective than conventional auto detailing clay bars. Making your vehicle’s paint smooth and glossy has never been easier thanks to Mothers Speed Clay 2.0. Use to remove water spots, rail dust, fresh tree sap, and paint overspray. Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 redefines the auto detailing clay bar!

Removing corrosive contaminants is imperative to keeping your vehicle’s paint looking pristine. Water spots, paint overspray, tree sap and rail dust all wreak havoc your vehicle’s paint. Up until now, the best option to remove the aforementioned contaminants was a clay bar. Clay bars, while effective, take forever to use and must be discarded if accidentally dropped. That’s not the case with Mothers Speed Clay 2.0!

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 is constructed using patented rubber polymer technology. This advanced rubber coating is laminated to an ergonomic palm grip that is comfortable to hold onto, even with wet hands! This coating works to quickly shear off bonded contaminants, including those that are embedded into the paint. This leaves your vehicle’s paint smooth, glossy, and ready for polishing and waxing.

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 is designed to be used in conjunction with Mothers Speed Spray Wax. Simply mist a panel with spray wax and gently rub the Speed Clay back and forth until the paint is smooth. Wipe the wax with a soft microfiber towel and then move onto the next section.

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